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  1. When I sharpened the new Step Steel for the first time on my Sparx I also noticed it got VERY loud (coming from worn down SB Black). Figured maybe it had something to do with harder steel as I had adjusted the height to reflect the change in steel. After that first go round the routine sharpening's have sounded normal.
  2. I've had one for about a month. Very similar to the Crazy Ovi as mentioned. The Crazy Ovi is a bit more open at the start of the heel IMO.
  3. Haha. All the paperwork was in check, so tough to say. Haven't been on the ice yet, but the skates fit better than anything I've had before so I'm excited. That's not to say my old skates fit bad either, it was just time for me to replace my Supertacks.
  4. Caps fan here, have no problem with a 10+ game suspension. Such a dumb hit.
  5. The good news is my skates arrived today despite the True order tracker saying they are still in production. The bad news is I paid for silver and they came in black. The order tracker from True shows silver as well, so strange that it got missed. Heading to the shop after work for the baking.
  6. I did my fitting on Sept 4th and the skates are in production now, so once they arrive I'll post up some pictures.
  7. I play on that same ice on Monday's...deer lord was it getting sketchy
  8. Haven't had a chance yet, sorry. Tomorrow or Wednesday I've got to do them.
  9. Correct, I'm looking strictly at the optical alignment. I'll give my skates a sharpen today and snap some pics and email them over after. Thanks!
  10. Posted this to FB but haven't seen a response yet. I've noticed that my machine seems to get out of alignment easily. I sharpened a friends skates last week and after the initial 4 passes on each skate I checked the alignment and it was off. Did 2 passes on 1 skate and checked the alignment, once again it was off. I repeated this process for his other skate and my skates with the alignment being off each time. Am I doing something wrong or is this expected behavior?
  11. Doubt anyone here can comment in that depth, but I'd say you're more concerned than you probably should be. Read up on their site, they cover quite a few of your questions. The wheel life indicator has 8 lights, divide that by the 40 sharpening's and at the middle setting (which Sparx recommends for normal wear) that means you should get 5 sharpening's per light. I've done my goalie skates once, and my player skates 2 1/2 times (two at the middle setting, one at the quarter setting for a refresh). The first light has started to fade which would be right in line with their projections assuming you use the normal setting.
  12. Got it. How do you like the 3/8 Fire? Now that I can sharpen whenever I want, I was thinking of trying the FIRE but wasn't sure if I should go 1/2 or 3/8.
  13. Wait, they do have a separate goalie ring? Initially I thought they did, but I don't see it listed anywhere on the site anymore. I went ahead and used the 1/2" I got on both and it worked fine.
  14. Got mine last week. I've had a few skates on my player skates and one on my goalie skates. Unbelievably happy :)
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