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  1. Anyone tried the O1 with bigger wheels in the middle spots? Aka “banana rocker”. 4 flat has always felt less manueverable than my rollerblades set to rocker with two middle wheels only touching the ground. Im Wondering if the O1 would be good that way and what size wheels you used.
  2. Stoked to watch an NHL team on home ice in Utah.
  3. Sweet. Thanks! Any tips for the first skate on the I2? Im taking the I2s out tomorrow for the maiden mars voyage.
  4. Ok. If the 01 is like ice skating how does the i2 ice holder feel vs the 01?
  5. Any long term reviews on these? I have the O1 roller hockey skates and can’t imagine that same feeling on my ice skates.
  6. I have a graf question for the graf experts... Thinking of trying Graf skates. I am in a Bauer Vapor now. There is a lot of comments comparing one graf to another graf... Can someone clarify the general fits of the different graf lines to the different CCM and Bauer lines (Vapor, Supreme, Nexus and/or fit 1,2,3) ? Thanks
  7. 30 day follow up: I ended up buying the potent stickhandling trainer. I can’t compare it to a Superdeker because I’ve not spent much timewith a SD. Unboxing: The set up comes in a small box about the size of two textbooks. It includes the training tool, a charger, and a ball and puck with strong magnets inside to set off the sensor. Spread out, the unit has 5 sections and is about 5 feet long. Inch for inch, or his seems kind of expensive for the size of box it comes in. But I am so glad how small this thing folds up and that I don’t have to store a SuperDeker somewhere. I can see myself slipping a hockey stick under the luggage and taking this thing on vacation because it packs up so small. I primarily use the ball on a lynoleum floor but the puck works too. It has rubber sides that are a bit softer than a real puck and I suspect it might be a hair larger diameter but overall it feels good and has worked fine when I’ve used it. The ball just rolls over the imperfections better. the game function is very simple. See how many hits you can get in 45 seconds. The unit does not store a high score so I take pictures when I get a personal best. The sensors do not trigger unless the ball passes directly under it; not just through the hole. So, it has forced me to be precise. It is pretty entertaining to play for a while at a time. Some times I’ll play for a few minutes and other times I’ll go at it for longer. I am very happy with the Potent trainer. It forces you to lift your stick on every hit. It’s forced me to snap the puck/ball on every stickhandle rather than just drag it around on the blade of the stick. In game situations, I’ve noticed a more positive feel on the puck and have noticed a few times that I recovered the puck noticeably better I haven’t found that I can skate around everyone and deke goalies much better but overall it has helped in puck control Hopefully the dekes will come later. 46 hits is my high score. If you have one, What’s your high score?
  8. I don’t have both but I believe I read somewhere that they have different hole patterns. But, I think shops can drill new holes and mount them anyway.
  9. Does anyone have experience with both the Superdeker and the Potent Hockey stick handling trainers? Which one do you like better. I want to get one or the other. The Potent trainer is $169 and the Superdeker is $250. Its mainly for me but I hope my kids would find it fun and play with too. Thanks for the feedback.
  10. Is the bushing setup the same on the R1 vs the O1? What’s everyone’s impression? From folks who have used both, what are the differences and what do you prefer?
  11. Now that the R1s and O1 are out there, what is everyone’s mpression on them and the differences? Does the R1 use different bushings than the O1 to achieve more movement than the R1? How much more movement do you feel in the O1 than the R1?
  12. Actually. the R1s have the bolt and bushing also and the inserts seem to limit the amount of rock in the front or back. this video shows loosening the bolt and separating the lower and upper parts of the frame. https://m.facebook.com/groups/2743257915802367?view=permalink&id=2974659689328854
  13. Maybe this has been answered.... The R1 has inserts to create different Heel (H) and Toe (T) radiusses (radii?) what are the H T settings on the O1?
  14. I had the same question about 8.5 and users of the O1 recommended going with the recommended size on the chart. My feet are bigger than I thought so I ended up with 9.5 skates and size a large. Looking forward to skating on them
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