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  1. Many thanks, xstartxtodayx!
  2. althoma1: this is fantastic. Thanks so much for all the advice.
  3. I'm just getting back on the ice after an injury & the pandemic kept me out the past season and a half. I now have an excuse to replace some gear that has seen better days: Jofa elbows pads and Hespeler shin pads that I played with through college and have had since almost the turn of the millennium and a Bauer 5500 helmet. Sadly Jofa and Hespeler have gone the way of white Nike skates, so no chance I'm getting "more of the same." And, I know that helmet technology and offerings have changed a lot in the last decade. Question for the group: what would be your pick if you were looking for a new helmet, and a new set of shin and elbow pads? I play beer league these days (B/C), and I'd rather spend more on the fun purchases (sticks, skates, gloves), but I also don't want to penny wise and pound foolish. Hoping to swing by my LHS to try some stuff on, but any advice would be appreciated greatly!
  4. As a longtime Leetch --> Lidstrom --> Getzlaf user, I feel your pain.
  5. I'd be really curious to know if the demise of wooden blades has led to more standardization in pro curve usage & pro stock patterns. In the days when you could take a torch to your blade, it was cheaper and easier to experiment. Whereas, I can imagine that - in our current market - many players have become accustomed to the retail offerings and might be less likely to mix it up or fix something that isn't broken once they are better positioned to acquire custom curves. I could, of course, be wrong, and would be curious to hear from folks who are more knowledgeable about stick acquisition & customization at higher levels...
  6. I'd love to see All Black or one of the budget stick brands that caters to beer leaguers just double down and sell their sticks in vintage patterns. Anyone else remember the black and white Louisville Lockjaw blades with the wicked hooks? Or the Easton Eurocurve? I think it would be a niche market, to say the least...
  7. I've been skating in Ribcor 70ks for a few months now. I have a very narrow foot and, as a result, hadn't skated in a CCM since the VacuTack days. I, too, was skeptical about the claims that the skate would accommodate all foot types. But so far I've been pretty happy. The boot is definitely softer than most of the other to-of-the-line offerings from Bauer & CCM, but - for a beer league consumer - I think it's a solid option. It doesn't require the same kind of extensive break-in time that some of the other options do, which is great for those of us who might not be skating enough to get through the break-in period quickly. I do worry a bit about how fast the skates will break down. But, honestly, at this point in my playing "career" I'd probably rather have a skate that's comfortable for most of its life and then breaks down, then a skate that's too stiff and then too soft (my experience with my last pair of Bauers). FWIW, I am a big fan of older model skates and had been attracted to the Nexus as a more traditional boot, but found it much too wide. The Ribcor offers me some of the same feel, while offering a better fit for a narrow foot. To the earlier comments, I lace mine pretty tight, but - because of the construction - I find it comfortable to do so.
  8. +1 on the Ribcors if you decide not to go the full custom route. The feel reminds me a lot more of skates that I loved from the pre-composite-boot days. Like you, I wasn't wild about the Vapors or Jetspeeds out of the box, and I second the comments about baking helping a lot, but not everything. I don't know anything about the 80ks, but I've been happy with my 70ks. They certainly aren't as stiff as the top-end Vapors & Jetspeeds, but I found them to be very comfortable out of the box.
  9. Thanks - greatly appreciated. As with sticks, etc., I always feel like the question with non-major-brand gear is the relative value. It's one thing to pay half the price for gloves that are good, but not quite as good as the top of the lines from Bauer, Warrior, etc. It's another to go out and buy an entry-level glove at an entry-level price, thinking that you're getting a deal on a high-end glove. I've had this experience plenty of times with sticks - i.e., it's not that the off-brand sticks are ripoffs. It's that they - all too often - perform like similarly priced major brand sticks. So there's no real savings, and you wind up buying gear/sticks of a quality you wouldn't otherwise purchase.
  10. Has anyone tried the Verbero gloves? I found a great deal on the Cypress 4 Rolls. I'm a sucker for "traditional" style/4-roll gloves (I'm a longtime Eagle wearer), and I was considering picking up a pair. But I was curious if anyone had tried them on/had any experience with Verbero gloves, generally. Thanks!
  11. bl4


    Ty, I hope you'll take JR up on this offer. Personally, I would be thrilled to have more brand (and pattern) options available and am always enthusiastic about supporting small business. But, like many other folks on here, I've had my fair share of bad experiences with non-brand-name sticks that offer the world and perform poorly.
  12. That's my recollection of how the VacuTacks worked back in the day. The boots came without the blades, and (unless I'm mis-remembering) were heated before being placed in a vacuum bag.
  13. I had a couple of pairs, and I remember the experience being pretty uncomfortable as well. That said, I remember the skates fitting great (the last pairs of CCMs I bought before my current 70ks). JR's point about improving materials eliminating the need for the process/extra piece of equipment sounds right to me (like most of JR's points). But I do wonder if vacuum+heat molding of great materials might make some of us hesitate a little longer before going the custom route.
  14. As a long-time girdle wearer, I've never actually owned a "girdle shell" (if I understand correctly that these are the padded variety) - all the shells I have were bought were from the days where the only shells I could find were the baggy/unpadded variety (which I understand to now be branded as "pant shells"?). Curious in the conversation about mixing and matching sizes where folks have run into fit issues - i.e. length or waist? Also, are the velcro tabs on shells designed to work with only newer girdles (i.e., do newer girdles have velcro tabs to attach to a shell), or do velcro tabs simply latch onto the girdle material? I've only ever worn older shells that simply used a belt as colins describes.
  15. I've never used Sideline Swap, but I've noticed that a lot of folks on MSH seem to use it (or, at least to check it out for pro stock offerings). Perhaps a silly question, but how receptive do sellers tend to be to negotiating/fielding lower offers? Of course, I realize that this varies seller to seller - I've bought and sold on ebay plenty of times. But I just wondered if there are any norms on the site (at least among hockey sellers). I don't want to be a jerk by showing up and lowballing if that's viewed as bad form, but I also would rather not pay sticker if it's not necessary. Thanks!
  16. bl4

    Slide Boards

    interesting - looks like he has a pretty great setup there (although perhaps less ideal from a storage standpoint than the roll-up options)
  17. Many years ago, I had a slide board for off-ice training. It's been years since I owned one, but I was considering buying a a new one. In looking online, it seems like there are now a lot of options and (as tends to be the case) a big price range. Anyone have any recommendations? Thanks!
  18. Have any folks skated in both of these? If so, any thoughts on the comparison? I've tried on the x800 & 1x, but haven't tried out the x900 yet (but, based on price, stiffness, and personal preferences, I'm guessing the 900 would be my pick of the Vapor line). I haven't been able to try on the 70k's yet, but I found the 68k pretty comfortable. Curious if anyone can speak to differences in performance, etc. Many thanks.
  19. I'm a sucker for below-market offerings from non-major players in the stick market. Sadly, though, they're usually a disappointment. I haven't tried Lumbr, but at a price point of ~$100, they're not a major savings from pro stock or marked-down big brand sticks from earlier product years, so I'm not planning to buy one. As an aside: I generally appreciate YouTube reviews and folks who take the time to share their thoughts, but complaints about specific blade patterns aren't terribly helpful - I don't like straightish blades either, but that would be true on a top-of-the-line OPS or on a $20 wood stick.
  20. As a big fan of the Lidstrom/Leetch/Getzlaf style heel curve (which I, too, believe is pretty similar to what you were using), I think you'll find the Drury a bit different from what you were used to. The Drury (and similar patterns) is more of a wedge - i.e., the're a slight heel curve, but the most noticeable feature of the blade is how open it is. The Lidstrom is open as well, but perhaps a bit less so and with a bigger curve. FWIW, I like the Drury pattern, particularly for rising slap shots. But I personally find the wedge style to be a bit more unwieldy for puckhandling, particularly if you're someone who likes to break out a toe drag now and again.
  21. Apologies if this has been addressed elsewhere, but I'm curious about the relationship between lateral and forward bend stiffness. For years, I wore the stiffest skates I could find because I felt better in skates that provided lots of lateral support. One of my feet pronates significantly, and I skated better with more lateral support. I never had any issues with my forward knee bend or lace bite despite tying my skates as tightly as I could up to the top eyelet. In a more modern composite boot, though (Bauer One 9), I have struggled with insufficient forward flexibility (i.e., I feel like I'm not getting as much knee bend, and I developed lace bite), even as the boot has broken down and - over time - weakened in terms of lateral support. Initially, I had concluded that the composite boot might simply be too stiff for me, which was causing the forward flexion issue. But, I'm starting to struggle with pronation (usually a sign for me that the boot is breaking down, and it's time for new skates), and I still am not getting as much forward flex as I was used to in older skates (8090s, Grafs, old top of the line Vapors and Supremes). I'm in the market for new skates and am curious if others have struggled with similar issues. If so, did you conclude that the forward flexion issues/lace bite were caused by an overly stiff boot? Or, are there skates that continue to provide grate lateral stiffness, while allowing for more forward flex?
  22. No idea if it's still available, but I have very fond memories of protectoe application as a key component of the new skate buying ritual back in the day. As JR says, I'm not sure how well it ever worked, but putting it on your skates seemed like the responsible thing to do. The first time I bought Grafs, I remember being disappointed that the toe caps couldn't be treated.
  23. The sale is tempting, but has anyone tried the Cypress pro or Pro+? Very little info out there beyond what's already in the thread
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