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  1. First off, huge thanks for all the thoughts. And, particularly, huge thanks to @flip12 who sent me some very helpful suggestions - a reminder of how great this site can be. I took my Cat 9s back to my LHS today. They were able to remove the steel with some effort. The left was slightly warped. The right was dramatically curved. They checked a bunch of the other pairs in the shop and found many others warped but eventually fixed me up with an un-warped set of steel. They concluded that the issue was the steel itself, rather than the holder mounting. We experimented with some additional foam pieces under both heels and put in the arch insert on one skate, all of which seemed to help. I'm still skeptical - I've never needed to resort to inserts (beyond SuperFeet) in any skates before. But, I'm hoping that they'll feel better this time around. (I'm sure that skating on straight steel will help, at the very least!) Do any of you use SuperFeet with Trues? I wonder whether they might help and might make for a more stable long-term solution than the assorted foam pieces.
  2. Thanks for the suggestion, but unfortunately I don't. Also, @Hills, I tried to remove my steel, and - like you - I was unable to. At this point, I'm thinking that I might chalk the Cats up to an unsuccessful experiment on my part. I'll try another skate or two, but I'm honestly not inclined to try to start modifying the skates if I can return them. I liked the idea of the Trues, and there's clearly a lot that's great about them. But if I'm dealing with skates that don't seem to fit, maybe need different tongues, and need at least new steel (if not also re-mounted holders), then it's just not worth it for me, and I'll see if I can try some Fit 1 Bauers.
  3. Hoping that it's not going to be necessary to return them, but do others have experience w/True's 30 day warranty? If so, have you had any issues, or has it been relatively straightforward?
  4. Many thanks, but I'm sorry to hear that the fit has been an issue for you as well. Honestly, because of the material in the toe cap, I can't tell exactly where I am length-wise. I'd say feathering, though. I am wondering whether - despite the great heat molding - these skates actually are too wide and have too much volume for me. I can't skate again for a couple of days, but I'll share any updates once I do. And thanks for the advice re: the steel. Will double check.
  5. @Hills mentions it in his review (in his "areas of concern"), and I noticed that a couple of (otherwise positive) customer reviews on IW mentioned the same issue (https://www.icewarehouse.com/True_Catalyst_9/descpage-TC9SK.html).
  6. After watching @Hills's review, I picked up a pair of Cat 9s. Skated on them today for the first time and was kind of disappointed. I bought and baked them at my LHS. My LHS owner is a longtime True/SVH fan and did a great job with the saran wrap, etc. They felt very good in the store, and I was almost worried that the fit would be too snug. When I skated on them today, though, it felt like they opened up a bit too much. For want of a better word, I'd describe the fit as a bit sloppy. I actually didn't get great heel lock on either skate. And, I always deal with slight pronation on one foot, but I felt like I was getting it much more today than I ever have in a pair of new skates. (It's inevitable when boots break down, but I don't expect it to be an issue in a properly fitting pair of new, stiff boots.) I'm not sure if that's attributable to user error - I have narrow feet and usually use waxed laces and tie my skates quite tight. Today, I used the stock laces and at my LHS's urging (and based on threads on here), I took it easy on the top few eyelets. So, maybe if I go tighter and use waxed, I'll get better heel lock? That said, when I tried going tighter today, I definitely had less forward flex. Finally, any tips for determining if my steel is warped? I know this is a recurring concern with the Cat skates, and maybe that helps explain the slight lack of stability that I felt today. I'm planning to swap out my laces and try another skate or two. If things still aren't great, I'll probably try to take them back to my LHS and see about re-baking and checking the steel. Maybe the Trues just aren't the right fit for me, but we'll see...
  7. gtoddh

    Hi.  I came across a thread here about the Jamm girdle that you said you ended up getting one.  Have you been happy with it?  I'm looking at replacing my Bauer TotalOne NXG girdle/shell with a new girdle/shell combo and saw Jamm girdles available.  I'd never heard of them before.  Any info you can send my way is much appreciated!

    Thanks, Todd

  8. Great review! Many thanks, as always
  9. Very helpful - thanks!
  10. I realize that Grafs have largely fallen by the wayside, but I'm contemplating snagging a pair of G755s on a pretty attractive sale. I'm curious about thoughts on sizing, though. I haven't worn Grafs for many years. I used to wear an 8.5 in Graf, but I also used to wear an 8.5 in Bauers. I'm currently wearing an 8 Ribcor. (I did both Bauer and CCM scans when I bought my current skates, and they both recommended an 8.) Of course I realize that there's no substitute for actually trying on the skates, but does anyone have any experience with relative sizing of Grafs v. Bauer/CCMs these days? Any thoughts would be appreciated greatly.
  11. Thanks, all! Very helpful. Cavs019 & Miller: If I were looking at pro stock Warriors, what should I keep an eye out for to distinguish the good from the bad? Going w/custom Eagles is tempting. I'm still kicking myself for not picking up a couple of pairs of x50s when they were still around. (The PPFs are great, but the thumb isn't my favorite.)
  12. I'm in the market for a new pair of gloves, and I'm looking for recommendations. I'm a longtime Eagle wearer (currently in an old pair of PPFs), but they've gotten harder to find over the years, and I'd be curious to try something new, What's your favorite 4-roll glove on the market? Open to retail or pro stock.
  13. A6 (or at least dressed as A6). Timing is a little tough - I played with them once and then was off the ice for a while due to an injury and then the pandemic. But, I'd say that neither of them lasted more than a few dozen skates.
  14. I bought a pair of used Marner pro stock sticks off of SLS a couple of years back. (I'm assuming that they were the real thing, although on SLS there's always a possibility that they weren't.) They were in good shape when I bought them and seemed pretty lightly used. I liked them a lot - super light and great feel. The one knock on them for me was the durability. I broke both pretty quickly - the blades went soft and then broke. All of which is to say that my experience sounds similar to BruinDust's
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