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  1. Thank you for the information, that helps tremendously. My son's 2014 5052 boots creased and concaved, and it was suggested we move to a stiffer boot, thus the questions about stiffness and materials. With that said, he still LOVED those Tacks skates. He is wearing JetSpeeds at the moment (had to punch out in forefoot). Not to open a can of worms, but I see where some shops are carrying something called Tacks Vectors, which can be somewhat confusing for us consumers. For instance is the Tacks Vector Pro an upgraded 6092 like they suggest? Trying to make sense of the CCM regular models, and then these "other" models. Again, thanks for taking time out here to respond to everyone's questions!!!
  2. I have a question about the mid-level Tacks models, compared to the past (2014) Tacks models. FWIW, my question is based on price point assumptions. Is the 2016 6092 similar to the materials and stiffness of the 2014 5052 (judging by price point..2014 5052 at $429 and the 2016 6092 at $449)? Was looking for a stiffer boot, so if they are comparable that means a jump up to the 2016 Ultra Tacks at $699 since there is not another mid priced boot between those two models. Hope what I'm asking makes sense! Thanks!
  3. Wow, the Krown PX3 went all the way down to "Not Recommended"! That is a drop!
  4. +1. My son really likes the 6052 as well, but mentioned they were a little hot, the first few times using them . Hoping once they break in a bit (from the tapered fit) that it isn't that bad. He hasn't mentioned it lately.
  5. Does anyone know if Virginia Tech will be testing new helmets that are coming out or was this a one time deal? With some new helmets coming out (Warrior Krown PX3, CCM Fitlite, etc), wondering if some manufactures are sending them helmets to test to see how they fair?
  6. Sorry, but I'm a little confused about the fit profiles. I "thought" the older Reebok 20K, 18K, & etc had a larger fit profile (wider forefoot, toe box & etc)? Then when the Ribcore line came out, it was a narrower fit profile, with the RBZ taking the larger fit profile roll in the CCM/Reebok lineup ( with Tacks sitting somewhere in the middle). So, are they (CCM) now saying the Tacks/RBZ line is equivalent in the terms of fit profile, to the older Reebok 20K, 18K, & etc? Thanks!
  7. Interesting! My son (and I...since I started this late in life) have always used FBV (the LHS we use does a very good job). A team mate's parent suggested we move to traditional in case my son needs his skates sharpen when traveling, thus was curious about how prevalent FBV is out there. I always try to make sure his skates are properly sharpened before we hit the road, but we're aware something could happen. So was trying to decide if we should move to traditional or just get an extra set of sharpened steel to take as backup.
  8. Hopefully some of the shop guys (and others) may be able to answer this question. What are the percentages of people who come into the shops for skate sharpening that choose flat bottom v over traditional sharpening? Which one is more popular? Also how about the pro's? From what I've read here, it seems that the equipment managers somewhat dictate or influence which sharpening method is used, so curious if anyone knows the pecentages of pros using FBV over traditional.
  9. If the Warrior guys are still monitoring this thread, will you be offering the Covert junior pants in colors other than black & navy? My son is required to have red pants and he has worn out his red Bully's, so guessing the Bonafide is the only option now (don't care to use a shell). Also, does the Bonafide have the same fit characteristics as the Bully? Didn't know if the Bonafide is a fuller or slimmer type fit. Thanks!
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