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  1. I think you did a pretty good job explaining things through text. Sharpened my skates and an old pair of the kids skates and they turned out fine. I'm from Michigan so a little bit of a drive but I agree probably would've been a lot easier in person.
  2. Will do I think the main problem I'm having is the skates we're out of level and I was making my witness marks on that causing the problem to get worse. I just need to make sure I'm pretty square from the start I think. thanks for all your help hopefully I can figure it out from here or other threads
  3. ok measured and measured and got the edges squared away a bit then started over and this is what I got
  4. I'm not getting what I'm doing wrong. Still have really uneven edges top pic I put black sharpie and got the witness marks
  5. Ok so I'm doing the right witnesses marks just making sure
  6. What is the correct witness marks for blademaster? The top one is from blademaster with a tiny mark just in the center of the blade and the bottom is how I make the mark.
  7. Ok might be late tonight or tomorrow daughter has Christmas play. when I sharpened that skate I measured from the table to center of wheel then from table to center of blade figured that should get me close. One more ? I ordered a pro square when I get that I'm just going to use that instead of witness marks correct? once again thanks for the help!
  8. hard to hold skate and take a pic but edges are a lot better a little bit off but nothing like they were
  9. Ok snugged the bolts up and closed the gap. cam levers to adjust the skates up and down are super tight now.
  10. ok got the base leveled out . Black plate looks square but when I lock the skate in the cam lock seems really bend back and I've barley got any pressure on it before I lock it
  11. That makes sense i use to sharpen my skates when I played about 20 years ago and I always used the witness marks that's why I couldn't figure out what I was doing wrong. Both pair of skates were so far off with even edges the quarter would just slide off. ill work on the holder tonight and get more pictures and get back to you. again thanks for the time and help
  12. When I get home from work I'll start working on the holder and get back to you
  13. Yeah that was me. That was me just eyeballing it to even edges . Another guy on here is saying because I have a hollow already and not cross grinding that witness marks will give me false readings so I'm guessing with an exsisting hollow you just use the level gauge ( the one with the lines and magnet) and once that's level sharpen away?
  14. Ok so just put the blade square on and go when it's level?
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