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  • Skates
    Bauer nexus 8000/Alkali shift+
  • Stick
    Sherwood t90/warrior ak27 shaft Sherwood blade
  • Gloves
    Mission boss
  • Helmet
    Bauer 5100
  • Pants
    Vapor x80/mission ac2/some old tours/WSI girdle
  • Shoulder Pads
    Some low end Bauer circa 2005
  • Elbow Pads
    Bauer x90
  • Shin Pads
    Easton 80

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  1. This was are go to. 2.5 hour drive a couple times a year. Great service. If you knew what you needed or wanted some work done you could ship to Cannonsburg and pick up in Delmont. Delmont shop is small however, has better selection than a lot of the rink pro shops I have been in.
  2. I have the last version. Coming from bauer's 13 inch the 14 fit me better.
  3. Well, at this point a year later, we are at another organization. He tried out for the previous organization. Due to multiple issues and a desire to play other sports we left. He was going to play in house at that rink. The inhouse program closed. At that time he was asked to play for a tournament team at another rink a little further away. He joined their inhouse program then they let him join late season on their travel team. He actually played his old team and was accosted by players calling him names and hitting him after the handshake line. So long and short he is happy where he is. The program he came from and rink all seem to be in jeopardy. It is a shame. But he enjoys his new team so much and the game.
  4. They are advertising the crap out of it on NHL.tv
  5. I get it. My current are x 800. I did this were the wear patches were by the toe. I have done this on other parts of different skates. This is also a common practice to plug holes on on the insoles of skates that have had multiple holders put on. Would I smear the whole skate with it?No.
  6. I have used jb weld. Thin coat then let it dry. Rinse and repeat until you get the desired thickness. Other wise it will work but look like a sloppy mess.
  7. Same here. My V08 died and I am currently rocking a bauer 5100.
  8. Word of warning about the tour shirt. It is really short and sizing off. Two of us in beer league tried it, but went with the mission one.
  9. Beer league buddy is still rocking one of these.
  10. Didn't CCM or Reebok have a stick with holes in the lower portion of the shaft? Also, I beleive there is a stick from some company that the blade looks like a siv.
  11. I have a sherwood t90 in intermediate and another in senior. Their is definitely a difference in the dimensions. Also have a 6092 tacks and super tacks 2.0 in intermediate. I have the ribcor pro and tacks as1 in senior. Once again definitely different in dimensions. On a side note the intermediate tacks are 65 flex and the tacks senior is 75(cut to maybe an 80) . Hard passes just blow through the 65.
  12. Tacks AS1 new on flea bay ran me 100 out the door.
  13. So the local ice rink is 10-15 away. There is another 25min. I am currently driving my kid to the 20 min one due to better programs. With that being said he still has skating lessons at the local rink, we do stick and shoots, and I play there once a week. To play roller the outdoor rink here is 15 from our house and I travel once a week 1 hr each way to play in a league in another town. When I was a kid the closest rinks were 45-1hr away. Also take into consideration if your kids play where does the league have games at. Here most of them are an 1 to 2 hours away with a couple being in the 3 hour range. Our local rink doesnt even have inhouse for the kids. There are several parents here that drive their children 2-2 1/2 hours each way several times a week to play on various elite teams Pittsburgh. There are also parents that won't even drive 25-30 for the in house league. So there kids dont play anymore. So to answer your question I guess its personal preference.
  14. Good sale of stallion gloves and sticks currently
  15. We often play more than a couple hours several times a week. I also dont like when the blade is worn real thin.
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