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  1. CCM Super Tack monoframe skates retail version: Wondering if anyone has removed the coffin-shaped vent either on purpose or by accidental damage, is it the same as pro-stock with metallic oval loop? Look good or bad removed? Please share photos. Thanks
  2. I recently purchased online a pair of 2017 CCM Super Tacks skates. I have a few questions about heat-molding (baking) these skates. I want to use a hockey shop that has a skate oven and experience; all sell my same skate but one pro-shop charges $35 for fitting, another part of a hockey chain is $20 and one that will do for free after paying for a sharpening. Is there much variability or skill needed in heat-molding these one-piece CCM skates that would warrant choosing one hockey shop over another? Should I lace the skates myself to assure correct tension and tightening angle to avoid strain on eyelets? (or is this concern a thing of the older generation skate molding?) Any tricks or tips to watch for (and make sure are done) if I have the hockey shop do everything? Thank you in advance
  3. Helmet- Bauer 4000 Cage- Jofa 381 off-white Shoulder- Jofa 8800 Elbow- Jofa 9077 Gloves- Mission Warp 2 (three finger on one glove) Pants- Bauer MBP 8 girdle/shell Shins- Jofa 9060 Skates- Mission Pure Fly ProStock w/tuuks Stick/shaft- Mission L2 Blade- TPS R2 wood Tkachuk
  4. Wondering what blades will fit into the tapered mission L-2 shaft? any difference from year to year? current model? could i use the Louisville R2 wood taper blade? cheers!
  5. Really would like to know a bit more about this JOFA 9800 girdle... 1. are the thigh pads tight around the thigh (like most girdles)? or loose like a traditional pant/8k RBK? 2. is there anyway to special order them to a USA address? or can i pick one up in Canada (when at a tournament)? or only in Europe?? thanks for any help or insight
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