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  1. This is probably the right answer. I don't want to admit it though. I have been at least 225lbs since I was 15 and it would be hard to look myself in the mirror. The neoprene weightlifting sleeves actually worked pretty well. I have been skating just fine and my knee hurts doing just about anything else. Hockey is awesome for joint pain compared to other rec sports. (Basketball/football/soccer)
  2. My son’s size 3.5 cat9s are doing the same thing. I don’t think it is affecting his skating. He has a pair of cat 5s that are not doing it. Did we come up with a fix?
  3. It’s funny how different people grow. My brother when he was 13 was 220 lbs and on the varsity football team and then some kids don’t grow until they are seniors in HS. I will say all of his hockey friends think he is big but he is a shrimp on his football team. He disappears in the huddle. Good to hear about the true skates. I can get a mostly new pair of the cat9 skates for 150 bucks. Easy call. We’ve been getting used skates up until his last pair but he’s getting pickier about the fit. And he is not a picky kid at all. His pads/sticks are all 10$ play it again finds.
  4. I know this comes up a bit but are top end (or close to it) skates harder for younger players to skate in than their less expensive models simply because of the added stiffness? My son is 9, about 85 lbs, and a very strong skater for his age group. I bought him True Cat 5 (size 3) for his last season because I assumed any more than that and they would be too stiff for such a little guy. Which was nice because they were way less than our budget. The True Cat 9 (size 3.5) are what I am looking at, but I still have the thought of them being too much skate. They are cheap and he loves the fit compared to anything else we tried on. What are your experiences with junior skates?
  5. As we age anything you guys are doing for knee pain? Of all the adult league sports hockey has been the easiest but man the knees are feeling like 10 years older every week. I've been using a brace and taking advil which is what my ortho told me to do but I feel like there has to be something better.
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