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    CCM U+ CL
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    Bauer Nexus 8000 75flex Pm9
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    Bauer One.8
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    Warrior Krown pro-stock with VN Liner
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    Easton S19
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    Mission Fuel 90
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    Reebok 10k (2009 version)
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    Easton S19
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    Reebok canvas "pro series" bag

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    Punk/hardcore/metal. Education. Hockey.
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  1. Interesting. Thank you!! Are the Surgeons even more close fitting than that?
  2. Has anyone tried on multiple tiers of the HPR gloves? And/or can you compare the HPR 2 to the HPR 1? I bought a cheap pair of HPR 1.2 just to shoot outside, and like them. Very surprised with construction and feel for a $50 glove. Slightly tighter at the widest part of the hand than most 4rolls. Kinda feel vapory, but with slightly more room above the top of the hand and in the fingers, but so much room as traditional 4rolls.
  3. Did you have anything done besides new holders and steel?
  4. Red with yellow and black is a weirdass colorway. Love it! I feel like with 80s and 90s gloves and pants, you were more likely to find unique and quirky color schemes. - Is that true, or am I just being nostalgic and misremembering?
  5. Yeah, this used to be way more doable. I feel like Warrior sticks were especially easy. Most sticks you could see the fuse line where the blade was attached, and it was just covered by graphics. Probably still something you could do, but you’d have to dremmel out material in the shaft to make room for the hossel. But, now is the time if you want to take on time intensive projects with no big upside.
  6. Yeah, sorry about that. I actually reopened the thread to delete that post, because it was totally unneeded and unsolicited. Good luck! I hope he crushes whatever is in front of him!
  7. Edited for unsolicited / unwarranted advice.
  8. Skates built for inline have beefier outsoles; inline chassis put more strain on the outsoles. With the Mako’s monocoque design, you might run the risk of damaging the skate because of the stress of skating. Skating inline is a whole different stride and feel vs ice. Since that skating process is different, you might as well just use different boots and save the Makos. Then you don’t have to worry about preserving the boots. Skating outside is also just harder on skates. More rocks, and all the hard surfaces can scrape the skates. Most of it is cosmetic, but it can build up.
  9. Might be easier and cheaper to just buy new elbow pads as opposed to tailoring gloves. We are gonna talk you into a whole new kit!
  10. I didn’t notice a change in mobility. I tend toward tighter/“anatomical” fitting gloves like supremes, and usually buy the 2nd price point down. But, your experience may vary. Yes it is a GB reference! There’s another guy who posts here also as another permutation of this name, but with a bunch of Xs thrown in.
  11. My worry would be less about stretching gusset, and more about the end of that finger not being protected. And if your ring finger is pushing it out, I bet other fingers are very close. A few years ago in the playoffs, Crosby slashed someone’s stick (Mark Methot?) and it road up and Methot’s finger like exploded from the straight on impact I went from 14” to 15” a few years ago because my fingers were right at the edge of most 14s, and I realized if I went up that extra inch my fingers wouldn’t get bumped as much.
  12. He is saying that if you have certain skating mechanics, or if your skates don’t fit, the tongue can still slip to the side. Even though these are adhesive and “part of the skate,” the tongue can still move in the boot. I don’t think he’s saying they are bad products and necessarily won’t work, but rather that initial steps people should take are to make sure skates fit correctly, and then figure out if your feet pronate or supinate. Lacebite is often a symptom, not just a problem in and of itself. So, even if someone can alleviate the lacebite, there might be other problems unaddressed.
  13. Elite has so many options, I can’t even tell what they are, and there doesn’t seem to be a resource to explain them. I swear the hockey monkey display in store has like 5-6 options, not even counting colors and lengths. I get waxed and unwaxed, but what’s all the other stuff?
  14. Are you asking about STX shins in general? The RX3 and 3.1 are from their Surgeon line, not Stallion. And, can you clarify what you mean by “clad strap?” Theres a pretty long thread on here about STX stuff that might help.
  15. A whole bunch of people have recommended melamine that’s coated with Pledge. You can buy an 4’ x 8’ piece from Home Depot for $30 and a can of pledge for $5. If you’re like me and don’t know what melamine is, it’s essentially the stuff that particleboard shelves are made of. But, pucks slide decent on the coating, and it’s 3/4” thick, so it feels sturdy (if not heavy). I bought a piece of clear acrylic that is used to cover windows. Pucks slide ok, but I wish it was bigger. I’m gonna pick up some melamine tomorrow. It was like $20 for a 2’ x 2’ piece. Here’s a thread where people discuss options, and if you google things like “diy hockey shooting” you can find other options.
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