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  1. Not sure it is fair to say it is "NOT the locker room", considering what we know about how this spreads, locker rooms present a risky environment compared to most other parts of the rink. It does seem to be fair to say it is NOT ONLY the locker room, based on this case study. Now, any scientist worth more than the paper their diploma is on will tell you 1 event hardly makes for "proof". There are too many variables to understand and/or control. But I agree, taking extra precautions have few (if any) downsides and a whole lot of upside.
  2. Yeah, this is sobering. There goes the "it is the locker rooms that are the problem" theory.
  3. Ok. So @SkateWorksPNW you like your girdles really tight and form fitting? Maybe I just need to go try stuff on to see how it compares and figure out if what I have is ok. They are nice high end pants, I'd hate to not use them, but if they don't fit well, being expensive isn't going to help me.
  4. Dragging this thread up... as I have similar questions about the CCM girdles and girdles in general. OP - what did you end up keeping? The small or medium? I have a pair of medium Bauer girdles (MX3) that were handed down to me. My typical pant waist size is in the range given but on the lower end (I usually wear a 33 or 34), but I am way shorter than the recommended height (I'm 5-5/5-6). I sometimes feel like the hip pads restrict me a bit when I try to get low/squat and even though my waist falls in the range given, I have to really pull the velcro over to get them to fit snug on my waist/hips or they can slip down on me a bit. Wondering if searching out a size small Bauer girdle might be a better fit or maybe a CCM girdle would work. How snug do you want a girdle to fit compared to ice pants? Should they fit close to the body all over? I took the shells off and can see spots that could be tighter/more form fitting. But maybe my perception of tight is off as I used to do a lot of road cycling, so spandex was an everyday fabric.
  5. Maybe try giving WSS a call, they moved to LIC I believe, so not as convenient as their previous mid-town location, but shouldn't be too much effort to get there if they still offer the Sidas.
  6. Great stuff fellas. My squirt tried the Bauer splash guard and was not a fan. Same issues others have mentioned: fogging/condensation, can't drink unless you have a straw top bottle, etc. Sounds like the CCM Game On is a better solution. Granted doesn't allow you to drink without opening the bubble/cage, but doesn't seem to fog or inhibit breathing either. Might have to see if I can get my hands on one for him.
  7. The UnderArmor mask is great, but can't drink with it. My son uses it off-ice to workout. I've used it to watch games. Very comfortable. The only one I am seeing that would maybe work for drinking would be the ShockDoctor. I'm curious how secure it would be with that design though. Might need to adjust it a lot. My son tried the splashguard again Friday night and Saturday morning. We switched to a bottle with a straw top to let him drink. He still wasn't a fan. Said it fogged and impaired his lower peripheral vision when fogged. And didn't like he couldn't get a finger in the bubble to fix his flow. The top row of holes it blocks gave him access to get in. His hair falls in his face even after we wet it and slick it back. I'm sure he could get used to it and deal with it if he had to, but not mandated for us, so not sure we will force him to use it. It does provide a bit more protection, but not sure it is a huge upgrade from the bubble stock, which I would think is definitely better than a cage.
  8. Oh, for sure you could. We tried ours this weekend. Son HATED it. Wouldn't even play with it on, made me take it off almost immediately after I installed it. Can't drink with it on without opening the bubble completely. The piece itself is about the thickness of a Poland Spring/Avion water bottle, but of a softer/more pliable plastic. Comes with 3 little dual-sided velcro tabs, so you can quickly/easily swap them out. I'm sure some engineering brainpower went into it, but the cost of the materials and innovation don't really match the pricetag. But if you want your kid to play and keep them as safe as you can while on ice... there aren't a lot of options.
  9. Just received a shipping confirmation for my pre-order. Those who didn't pre-order may not be so lucky.
  10. Anyone hearing about delays on the Bauer splashguard - at least the Junior size? I pre-ordered and the original release date was supposed to be yesterday (9/24). Now no longer listed as a product on the site I ordered from (in either size). I saw another retailer advertise it being in stock and available. Saw it listed on their site and a few hours later it was gone and now says "product not found". Have any insider info you can share? My son is finally going to start playing games and was really hoping to have this ASAP.
  11. Believe the Bauer splashguards (for Concept 3 bubble) are set to ship this week and should be in the hands of pre-order customers by Oct. 1. CCM "hockey mask" is also scheduled to be available Oct. 1. Got word yesterday that some tournaments at the youth level are mandating face covering on ice (splashguard, CCM mask or regular mask under helmet) in order to play.
  12. Cool, had no idea. I've watched some of his stuff and have found it good quality. He just gained me as a subscriber.
  13. In case y'all haven't seen. Seems like a solid comparison of the products from YouTuber "Hockey Reviews": https://youtu.be/pSvs62cyyPw
  14. Right? And he's 10. Listen, I KNOW I suck. Little man has been playing full gear since he was barely 4, skating since he was 2. My nephew is basically the same story, except he is 17 and very likely playing in high level juniors this season. I simply can't compete, never will be able to. My sole goal every time I get on the ice with them is to not suck as much as I did the time before. Baby steps.
  15. Damn Howies, I want my royalties... using a picture of me without my consent. I'll call my lawyer.
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