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  1. I love the very different perspectives from Fischler and the Ranger's broadcast team (check out the video). Three sides to every story. Always enjoyed watching Patty. As others have voiced... I'm not sure I see how this helmet lessens the likelihood of your brain sloshing around in your skull any less than the stuff that is available now and the existing questions on the criteria VT uses in their tests being entirely valid for the most common circumstances found in your average hockey game. Outside of some aesthetic choices (someone would have to provide some valid functional shape impact absorption data to convince me otherwise), don't see a huge different between these and the latest generation of Warrior helmets with the BOA/wheel adjustment system. I guess time will tell if they'll be able to show real data to back up their claims (reduced # of concussions for the same number of "concussion-maker" plays for folks wearing Valor vs other brands). But I doubt anyone will be tracking that.
  2. I know they had major delays late last year into this year due to the holidays, volume of orders, planned closure due to Chinese New Year and unplanned closure due to COVID regulations. Depending on where you were at in queue, those could still be in play. Not sure.
  3. Saw a message yesterday that Valor has announced a partnership with AAHA (Atlantic Amateur Hockey Association), basically the Atlantic District in the US = NJ, PA, DE, MD. So at least in this instance they are targeting the governing bodies as a way to influence parents.
  4. So the question remains - what are you trying to solve for? His skating not getting choppy as the season progresses? Better balance? Better agility? Something he is struggling with?
  5. OP - what do you mean by the phrase I bolded? Why is the profile being worn down? Or do you mean the sharpening / ROH? If you mean the profile - how often are you sharpening? And how? You shouldn't be seeing that much of a change on a profile. My son when he was a bit younger than yours was on a 15 or 16 ft single, he was falling a lot and having balance issues. To the other response questions - what are you trying to solve for?
  6. Agree. I was a 5 in Grafs (the older ones tend to run a bit short), 4.5 in CCMs and currently in TF9 size 4. If I were to get a pair of Cats, I'd be looking at 4.5.
  7. Another old guy here who started just a few years ago. To echo @noupf skate, fall down, get up try again. The better you can skate, the easier it is to get to the puck or to a place where a teammate can get you the puck. I've mostly focused on forwards and turning, and am seeing the short-sightedness of that focus now that I am playing actual hockey. Once you get comfortable with forward, stops and basic turns, I would focus on backwards and then transitions (forward to back and back to forward). Having some agility makes things way easier.
  8. Are you able to easily get on your outside edge? Given where you are getting the pressure (outside of foot and ankle), wondering if you are not balanced over the blade and putting undue pressure on the outside of your foot. A 10 year break could certainly change your biomechanics and muscle strength from a skating perspective.
  9. There is a solution to your request... put your money towards someone like Gepetto (prostockhockeysticks) instead of the retail giants. Hit them in the pocket.
  10. Yep. I do like the way it gives pretty consistent surface to hand contact throughout. But growing up a tennis player the "bite" of the edges of the stick I think is what I miss. Even though a more squared shaft creates some gaps between hand and grip, at least I know how my blade is oriented because I can feel the edges. With the super round, for me, it is a lot harder to tell.
  11. Hills nailed my experience with the super round also. I have smaller hands and have experimented with intermediate sticks for awhile. The 70 flex is great for me, but I do not like the shaft shape. It feels squirrely in the hand and I tend to overgrip because of it. it is the primary reason I am considering going for a full custom order and change to the round square shaft, but keep most of the rest of it the same.
  12. Bauer's move to the 3 fit system since you bought your skates. You can get a higher volume Vapor, but it will also be wider (similar fit to the old Nexus skates). CCM has also moved to a similar approach, but it seems like there might be more variance model to model for CCM than there is for Bauer, based on some of the comments in here. I'd also add the True Catalyst to your list. My son just got a pair (has usually been a Vapor/Ribcor fit) and he really likes them so far. Might also consider the True TF series. I have high insteps and these are the first skates I've had zero lace bite in. The TF series seems to run longer and wider than the Catalyst series.
  13. I am assuming the hole patterns between Shift and Shift Max holders are the same, but can someone confirm? Considering making the switch as I've noticed my Shift holder and steel have been squeaking/popping when walking lately.
  14. I'll pile on here, instead of starting a new thread ... struggling with feeling too upright. Like my balance point is too much towards the heels and when I try to get up on my toes, it takes more effort. In a pair of True TF9s, size 4 (I have tiny feet). Came from some Graf 535 in a size 5 (longer holder and blade), and don't recall feeling like this. Believe the True stock radius is supposed to be 9'/10'. But blades have been sharpened for awhile, so who knows where they are now. Would like to try a profile that helps me get a bit more aggressive. Thoughts?
  15. Totally. Was using a P88 for the last 5+ years. 6 months ago tried a P90TM and with a minimal adjustment period, haven't looked back. I am seeing them less and less it seems. Pretty soon everything retail will be either a P92 or P28 clone or variation.
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