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    Bauer One100
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    Total One/Apx
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    Harrow (team)
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    Easton S13
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    RBK 8k
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    RBK 8k
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    Bauer one95

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  1. My team's "Fall Ball" league is starting up in a week. I'll only be able to play the first game or two as i'm moving for hockey, but it should be fun anyways.
  2. Pro stock AK-27 shaft, Pro stock Rafalski (wood) blade. I heated it up and opened it up a bit and made it a bit more of a mid than what it was. http://i140.photobucket.com/albums/r29/Dou...7whitespray.jpg http://i140.photobucket.com/albums/r29/Dou...skicustomed.jpg
  3. Hey BlueLiner, where'd you pick that up? I can't wait to get my hands on one.
  4. Picked it up in a trade here on MSH.
  5. Yeah, nothing wrong with those at all. It's pretty hard to mess up a colour scheme like that though. Normally I don't like the numbers on the front but on that style of jersey with the name written across the chest, I think the numbers look good on the front.
  6. Couple new items that showed up in the mail this week. One95 skates and Pro Stock XXX Lite.
  7. Apparantly it's a good thing for you. Love the Michigan colour combo.
  8. There's something about a green jersey that just gets me, I love them. I think the Nucks' should go with a green for their Alt.
  9. You're getting flop like that and ordered black tongues? Didn't think I'd see someone who wants that much flop not have white tongues. How long are your tongues btw?
  10. Those are sick for Graf's. Black or White holders woulda looked just fine with those as it's half and half(ish). Nice choice on the LS' too.
  11. Edit: Just saw the Dye thread that was made my english. Anyways, nice job on the holders. What, no phone calls while the dye/paint dried from the before and after pics?
  12. I guess you never know with Easton. The 05' Sakic was way smaller than it is now, maybe they're adjusting other curves?
  13. Nice protective. How'd you manage to find all the savings?.. that's alot. HUGE pic.
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