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  1. Don't forget the max+ looks better. I wish the shifts were available in a boot that was all black like the max and team skate.
  2. Personally if the skate was that compromised I would just replace with one that isn't.
  3. Got my first skate in on these last night. Feel pretty good so far. It will be nice once the boot breaks in a little more. Skates felt fast. Wheels felt a little slick but I don't know if that's due to the hardness change or just new wheels that need a skate or two to break in. I definitely felt like it was easier to go fast
  4. Really looking forward to trying these out. Hopefully will make my game tonight to give them a go. I'm going to see how they are right out of the box with no bake. If all goes well I'll just break them in the old fashion way. I'm hoping they feel good quick given I'm already skating in essentially the same boot. I was on the edge about buying all new wheels but have been wanting to try the rinkrats so I caved and just got a full set. I've been skating on a mix of grip+ addictions and RPGs which has worked ok but I think at 74a the RPGs are really too soft for me. I'm hoping to pick up some speed with these not only from proper hardness but also moving from hi-lo to the hum'er frame.
  5. I did use a shim in the rear to give my heel a little lift. Felt back on my heels when I had them done. I didn't use one with my Supreme conversion on the same chassis though. I think the only reason I used it was because I mounted the chassis a little too far forward. I prefer to have the chassis mounted back a little so that I'm more over my toes. Just personal preference.
  6. You'll want to have the center line of the wheels fall where the original runner lay. To me this is the most tedious part. I'm not sure if it has to be exact as I try to make it but I'm really OCD so I take a lot of extra caution to make sure it ends up being perfect. Here are a couple pics I found of the X5.0s I had done previously. It was a super light and stiff skate which I liked but my foot just can't do the Vapor boot shape. I got started on my Supreme One.8 setup that will be replacing my One80 setup. Those will be retired to outdoor/backup for now on. I'm hoping it isn't too awkward having the old pair on a hi-lo chassis and the new ones on a Hum'er frame. After trying the Alkali skates I've been sold on the straight frame. I'm really excited to give these a run. Now I'm just trying to decide what I want to do for wheels. I've been wanting to give the RinkRat splits a try so I might make the jump vs the Addiction/RPG setup I'm on now. I'm also hoping that making the channel in the boot for the second wheel isn't too much work. I know tons of guys have done it vs. using lifts.
  7. Found a shop online with brand new 2012 model hum'er frames for $50 so I snagged one. I have to get a few more rivets out and then my boots will be ready for the new frames when they come in. If this goes well I might order an extra frame to keep on hand for a future pair. When I tried out my alkali skates I was really happy with the way the all 80 wheel setup felt so I'm eager to have these done. If I get lucky the frame will show before the weekend and I can get them done before a game next week.
  8. I like that they went back to black skates. Funny thing is I still don't like anything Mission has put out in the last few years compared to the look of the really old stuff. I remember wanting sins proto vsi team skates bad and also the wicked lights. I'd love to see those come back with current technology.
  9. Looks good. I do the same thing setting the chassis back a little bit.
  10. Keep the size the chassis is meant for. I see no real gain in going smaller.
  11. They are on here from time to time I think. I'm trying to find someone that has maybe leftover stock of an older model frame. I'm not looking to spend $160 on the current eviction frame. For half that I can go to a Vanguard hi-lo frame which is what I'm currently using. I think eBay might have what I'm looking for.
  12. Currently looking for a fair priced labeda hum'er frame to mount on my one.8s that will be here Wednesday. I'm looking forward to a fresh pair of skates. I agree with above that you really have to like this because it's not a quick process at all and you need to be pretty meticulous if doing it yourself to make sure things end up identical for both skates. The reward is worth it though.
  13. I find the front/rear spacing of the wheels to the boot to be complete personal preference. I personally like my boot a little more over the toes.
  14. The X5.0 will work perfectly. If you go back several pages I actually converted a pair. These do have a composite outsole and will be fine. I only didn't keep them because my foot can't do the Vapor boot.
  15. For the reasons above is why you typically don't see too many conversions done on skates that don't have a composite outsole. I know it's been done a bunch of times but it's not exactly ideal. I just ordered a fresh pair of last years Supreme one.8's that I'll be converting in the near future. Have to thank 4th of July sales. That is what I'm skating on now and it's the only skate I've tried that feels like it truly fits my foot. I'm currently using a mission hi-lo chassis but I'm really tempted to make a jump to a Labeda hum'er frame. I'm trying to decide if I think it's really worth it or just try and find a magnesium hi-lo. I've skated a couple times in an all 80mm wheel frame and definitely liked it a lot. None of the weird feeling that a lot of people report.
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