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    Alkali RPD+ Shifts
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    Bauer 1X
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    Bauer Supreme Total One NXG
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    Bauer Re-Akt 100
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    Bauer x40s
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    Bauer vapor x3.0
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  1. if these had a black hi lo mag chassis.... they would be soooo sick
  2. Will the Visium also be a wider skate or some fit as before? Also not that I care because I absolutely love my shift+'s but whats the motive to put out a new skate line a year later thats slightly wider and not change anything else? It's killing me cause this new line look SO GOOD but i cant justify buying it completely
  3. Sooooo...hoping this RPE line still is coming out..
  4. This makes me think I should start stocking up on my shift+'s.........alkali better not be going anywhere
  5. No problem bro, and Vet88 pretty much took the words out of my mouth. Just remember any time you go alkali, just bake em. A lot of people go the route of "breaking em in old school" but its what this skate prides itself on. Its like getting a car and cutting out the floor and using your feet to push it around cause thats what the Flintstones did. I feel like the main difference between the two skates(other than color) really is just the chassis and wheels. I'm sure Justin or somebody will correct me on that if I'm wrong.
  6. I think this brand prides itself on the baking aspect so I think you missed out on a big part of why their skates are so great. Is that spot rubbing on the L bars? Is it possible at all that they are sized poorly? I had this issue when breaking them in on the outsides of my feet after baking them but it went away in a very timely manner.
  7. call me late to the game here but what happened to RR?????
  8. They better keep it very similar to what it is now or else I'll need you to start up another company aha. Seriously though they better not downgrade cause of this because I finally found a skate company I am all about.
  9. Everyone making remarks about fit and what not, I think we all had that thought run through our head when we clicked on the post. But just take the post for what its worth lol. Strictly looks, I think the Re Akt 100 or bauer 4500 with a white ccm fm 580 is the best looking. Also, CCM vector helmets always looked really nice to me. I didn't fit CCM helmets so I never wore them but I can still be objective and say its aesthetically pleasing.
  10. Yes and they're the best skates I've ever owned. They're showing some premature wear but I also play up to 6 times a week maybe more if I have multiple games in a day so don't go by me on that. I love them.
  11. lmfao "skating around in the warehouse a bit" damn i wish I had your job
  12. This might sound stupid but 96" laces come with the size 6 skates right Justin? I just want to know cause I skip the top eyelet and I have SOOO much extra slack so I'm going to buy a new pair of laces and I want to make sure I know the ones on the skate are 96" so I know to go down to 84s
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