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    Alkali RPD Max+ /w Labeda Addictions
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    Verbero Cypress
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    Labeda PAMA 7.1
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    Reebok 8k
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    Labeda Custom
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    Verbero e.o.d.
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    Verbero e.o.d.
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    Labeda PAMA 7.1

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  1. Make sure that when you print the PDF, you do not choose fit to page. It will scale down depending on your printer.
  2. Steve Oleksy rocking some new Verbero mitts for tomorrow.
  3. Jersey looks great, but that collar is brutal. I know it is a cost cutting thing to put the laces on the collar itself, it just doesn't look right, though.
  4. Ready for Winter Wars at Huntington Beach this weekend!
  5. Skates: Alkali RPD Max Wheels: Labeda Addiction Grip+ Gloves: Labeda PAMA 7.1 Helmet: Reebok 8k Jersey: Labeda Custom Pants: Labeda Custom Shins: Verbero e.o.d. Elbows: Verbero e.o.d. Stick: Verbero Cypress
  6. You have to dremel out under the 2nd wheel to make the clearance for it. If you grab one of the Tours or Alkalis off the rack, you can see that they build it into the boot.
  7. Probably because I was in the right place at the right time to get him one of our frames. But at that size skate, there is a serious advantage of going all 80s. Since the 2nd wheel is recessed into the boot, you still get a lot of the mobility of having smaller wheels in the front, while having a much larger contact patch which allows for faster speed while working less.
  8. Looking good! Let me know what you think of the Addictions. A lot of tech has changed in the last 14 years as far as wheels go.
  9. You can give myself or Rob an email and we will be happy to take care of this for you. Sorry that you have been having issues. We will do our best to make this right for you.
  10. How about one of me coaching my son at WIHA finals?
  11. Picked these up during the HockeyMonkey Memorial Day sale. Put a Hi-Lo Kryptonium frame on them, they feel good so far, but it seems like all of the vents in the frame make it warp a bit when loosening/tightening bolts.
  12. Nice touch with the logo in the numbers!
  13. It is nice working for a hockey company, you get to make all kinds of cool stuff for yourself and your friends...
  14. Hey are you still selling your Penguins gloves?

  15. Skates: Bauer Supreme 7000 /w Mission Vanguard Pants: Tour Spartan Gloves: Eagle Fusion Helmet: Reebok 8k /w HejdukSport MH-X Elbows: Warrior Hustler Shins: Nike Quest Stick: Warrior Dolomite, 100 flex, Gionta Bearings: Bones Red Wheels: Eschelon Oracles
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