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    Graf V1
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    CCM Vector shaft w H77 curve
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    Graf G15
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    Bauer 2100 , unknown brand visor
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    Kooga padded shirt
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    Easton ???
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    Mystery brand wheeled thing

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    Isle Of Man
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    Beer & hockey .
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  1. Cheers Kovalchuk & Gosinger . I'm guessing cheap isn't the way forward when it comes to conversions . Kovalchuk , surely the size issue could apply to any online or 2nd hand purchase ? I can only base my purchase on what size appears on the advert and is shown on the photos . Gosinger , I'm surprised to hear that the one ups are that bad , whilst I wasn't expecting them to be world beaters I'd have thought that the Tuuk/Bauer quality would still be pretty decent , ah well back to the drawing board . I wonder if my old quads will take a modern inline chassis :)
  2. Hi all , been looking to buy a pair of cheap and cheerful ice skates to convert to something I can batter the crap out on outdoor courts , think really rough tarmac . I've came across an olde pair of KOHO Revolution 2220 that have a current price of 99p + £12 delivery , was thinking about using Bauer one Up chassis ( again much cheapness ) will probably splash out on a set of Labeda asphalts to finish off this mongrel conversion. . Anyone done anything similar or will I be better off just buying a £40-50 pair of second hand inliners ?
  3. The inline hockey club that I helped start up have got our first tournament invite , nearly 10 years since my last competitive game it'll be cool to skate out with the lads and lasses at our club knowing that this time last year some of them hadn't even heard of hockey . We'll probably be totally outclassed and be on the wrong end of some crazy scorelines but hell I can't wait it'll be a fkin excellent weekend.
  4. Further update on the gloves , my wife bought some of those charcoal deodoriser bag things so far it seems to be doing the trick . Tried one of the hints further back in this thread and have been washing my elbow guards on a 30c wash with a 400rpm spin cycle using some eco friendly no nasty chemical type detergent and that also seems to be working nicely . Shorts got chucked in the bath for a few hours with a couple of capfuls of stuff then rinsed under the shower and left to drip dry , that wasn't quite as effective .
  5. Just finished late shift , cold beer in the fridge , hockey on tv and 3 days off work . Aye that'll do.
  6. I've been using the alcohol hand sanitiser stuff that you see all over the place to give the insides of my gloves a bit of treatment that and hanging them on the washing line in a howling gale . Seems to be working to some degree in that my gloves haven't yet attained the "scent of dead thing" that I associated with my last pair .
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