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    Reebok 28k
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    RBZ 80
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    bauer vapor 7.0
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    reebok 7k
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    reebok 14 k
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    reebok 16k
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    jofa 1439
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    bauer supreme one.6
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  1. I need some new pants and want to go back to tackla's. I'm overweight and short so the length of pants is always a problem for me. I know the tackla's come in a -2 length but I can't find them anywhere. Does anyone where I could find them?
  2. So I've been wanting new gear for awhile now but didn't want to spend the money. I just got an unexpected bonus check so I'm thinking it's going to all new gear. I know I'm picking up super tacks skates and a rbz revolution stick but other than that I haven't put much thought into it. So just for fun what would you guys pick up for all new gear if you could.
  3. The pro grip is the Kane grip Optimus
  4. I've been skating in my ribcors for over 2 years now and it's time for some new skates. I know I'm getting either super tacks or ultra tacks and want to preorder them. I'm in a 9.5 ee in the ribcors and want to know what size to order in super or ultra tacks. I know they run wider so I'm guessing a d width. I heard to go up a half size so a 10. Or I could go get fitted for the current tacks and just go up a half size. Any thoughts.
  5. Hk the 28k replaces the 16k. I already got the 28k and I am so happy I did.
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