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  1. This is real and not an April Fool’s joke. This is a Jill on steroids. I like unequal products and currently use the solo helmet liner and their base layer top. Im constantly looking for a better cup design. Tried the nutty buddy buddy which was great until I couldn’t get it to sit perfectly in the shorts. I watched the video and decided to try the uncup I used it in place of my ccm cup for several games. I like the ccm cup design and it’s been thoroughly tested and I’ve taken a slap shot off that cup design and never felt a thing. Uncup Design is cool. It’s thick and pliable and you can bend it to get a more comfortable fit. Seems like it would do a good job. i couldn’t get over thinking this is basically a Jill and felt self conscious using it the main issue is that it’s NOT a cup. How is this supposed to work? Do I tuck or flop? the thing about gear is you want to wear it and never think about it afterwards. You wear it and shouldn’t have to fiddle with it to get it to sit properly. I never really needed to readjust as it did sit comfortably. I used it until I took a shot that got me square. It dissipated the impact but I still felt the impact and that was an eye opening moment where I decided nope Not going to wear this ever again maybe someone from unequal can advise the best way to minimize the pain and maybe it works for some guys but not for me. I’ll stick to an actual cup design. Update on other crazy pursuits for a better cup https://www.armorednutshellz.com/product-page/nutshellz-level-2-armor-high-risk-professions this company I’m curious about but it seems really pricey. But if you want bulletproof this would be the way to go. Also their compression jocks don’t have the Velcro for socks so I would have to sew those on. and forcearmour is a hard pass for me. Thing about buying jocks is you can’t return them. Understandable. Cool idea on paper. If I never bend my knees in hockey these would work for me but since you’re always bending your knees the design opens you up to zero protection. The cup rests flat across your thighs with hinge plates that don’t seem very flexible. When you bend your knees - imagine resting a board across your legs and think that it will protect you from the puck. An errant shot is just going to go underneath that board the way it’s angled when you bend your knees Again I might be using them wrong or my body just isn’t compatible with the design. Tried them on and said I am not stepping on the ice with these. Wasted purchase
  2. It helps that you get two sets of runners. Still a little higher but I signed up. Thing is im watching to see if they hit the 120 k goal. I need a size 5 and if they can’t hit that goal I need to back out. Size 5 is locked unless they hit 120 k
  3. I just got my 2nd pair of vh skates last saturday. Tyson at westside skate did the 3d scan for me on 5/20 and had them put on Easton CXN holders on them. I have 3 sets of black steel for the cxn so I'm invested. I need to look at the skates to see if the true logo is on the side. The tendon holder says true. I've only skated one game in them but they feel sooooo comfortable. if you're in the northeast definitely look up Tyson at west side skate if you want to get your feet 3d scanned for vh skates.
  4. Do these have similar inseams/lengths as the current CCM pants? The RBZ and crazy lights size small were perfect lengths for me. The 9k small shell is longer on my legs so I'm hoping these are more like ccm than the 9k
  5. Very excited. Stopped at west side skate to get fitted with the 3D scan for my second pair of vh skates. The 3d scan looked cool and I can't wait to see how it improves over the fit I had when I did the tracings myself. Very fast process and now I just have to wait until they get built out
  6. i'm very excited about this. Looking for new vh and the marsblade holder looks fantastic. Either all the reviews are full of people lying outright or there is something to this. Is this modification to the holder something that requires nhl approval to be allowed in games and if so what's the likelihood this will pass based on previous chNges to gear.
  7. I'm shopping for a new pair of VH skates. I'll need to take a trip up to NYC soon. Very interested.
  8. Do you do the newer fitting methods that involve scans or is it the tracing method? I've done the tracing and it worked perfectly for my left foot but my right was a little off. Full disclaimer. I did my tracings lol.
  9. I checked the site out of curiosity to check if they added anything. Hoping to see if they had ratings for Warrior krown px3. They do... It's even worse than the lte. Not sure I understand how warrior could slip so much. Isn't it pretty much the same as the 360 except for the lining?
  10. They don't seem too thick. They are a little more padded in the back for the cut resistance and they require a bit more effort to pull over my shin pads compared to regular mesh socks. I like them much better than the gladiators I don't know about durability though. I've had them for about 5 games and they're starting to wear a bit around the knees. I will have to check if they're impact areas. It's holding up though and fit a bit tighter than my regular mesh.
  11. I checked for size 5 runners and can't find any in stock. I've been using step steel but the cxns are pretty good too. maybe when they drop the mako name there will be a new holder and runner?
  12. @tcolar - I read somewhere that you need less hollow on those skates, is that really true, I mean can you really feel it ? I'm currently using 1/2 but I was already thinking of going shallower anyway (toward 3/8) as ice is often soft here and I like straightaway speed. 3/8 is not shallower. From personal experience with vh I can say I've gone shallower. I've gone from the equivalent of 1/2 to 3/4 and shallower. The cut I had prior to vh was too deep. I also use black steel so I think that plays in as well. But yes. With vh I've adjusted my hollow to a shallower cut.
  13. Others have posted that the vh skates work better when theyre not tied too tightly. Thats what ive found for myself. I used to tie them very tightly but now allow a little slack for flexing at the ankle. The wrap is good enough to not have to tie it as tightly.
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