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  1. I'm totally confused by this, is the sport dying to the point where nobody wants to make goalie skates or goalie gear??? Mission stopped making inline goalie pads and goal gloves. I think your only option is to buy a pair of Tours and take the chassis off of them. Nobody makes just the chassis any more. I saw a pair of True goalie custom skates with an inline chassis on them. I was lucky enough to find a pair of Mission DSG's at Ko Sports Hockey in Canonsburg, PA. They had a lot of goalie skates in stock, here's their info: http://www.kosports.com/ Other than that you have to keep an eye out on Ebay and see what surfaces there, it's really tough to find much used these days.
  2. Yea you're right, I checked them over today. Looks like whatever Loctite was on a couple of the screws wasn't really enough, some didn't have any hardly. I loaded up all 4 of them up with some Loctite and cranked them back in real snug. I will keep an eye on them periodically, but thankfully the skates aren't damaged.
  3. Borax will neutralize anything, I use it to wash my dogs blankets, beds, collars, harnesses, she's a very gross oily and sweaty pit bull. It cuts through all of her funk and makes it like new again. I wash all my gear in it, it even detoxes my goalie stuff, and that takes more sweat than anything.
  4. Wash them in your washing machine with detergent and Borax powder. It works good for elbow pads, shoulder pads, and pants too. Must have either a front loader or a top loader without an agitator.
  5. Hello All, Anybody have problems with blades coming loose on the E-Pro holders??? both of my skates have loose blades now, I didn't think that should ever happen because they put loc tite on those bolts when they put them together. I'm a little worried about this, since I'll have to constantly check them I guess. I was skating on them in a game last night, and had a lot of problems with turning and stopping.
  6. Hey, has anybody here worn Tour goalie skates, or Tour skates period? I wanted to get a pair of inline goalie skates, but I can't find anything other than Tour. Mission doesn't make them any more. I could fit a Mission skate and I normally wear a CCM or Reebok 9D. Do Tour skates run narrow or wide? They don't come in multiple widths, and how much did you downsize from your shoe size? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  7. Go on Ebay and get a Jofa 390 helmet. I have a large head, and this is the best fitting helmet I've ever had. Also good is the Reebok 7K from a couple years ago, I wear that one as well.
  8. Why does it matter if it's a brand new GL100 cage or not? What's a OTNY cheater? I thought the whole premise of the 390 helmet for goal was it deflects the puck well. Thanks.
  9. Hello All, I picked up 2 vintage Jofa helmets off of Ebay to make a combo out of. I got a Jofa 390 and 282, and I'm going to be attaching a Cooper GL100 cage with throat wire dangler. Does anybody have experience with the 282 helmet in goal? It looks like it has a lot less padding inside than the 390, is it sufficient to take a hard shot off the head safely? I used the 390 to play out with, and it's a very WARM helmet, you sweat a lot in that thing unless you're playing outside in the cold. Being directly in the line of fire though, I'm more concerned with protection in goal. The blue helmet is the 282, and the black is the 390. Is the Cooper GL100 cage any good? Any input is greatly appreciated, thank you.
  11. Where did you find those cat eye cages? What years did they make those? I've never heard of any other than the Cooper/Bauer HM 30, I just sold mine not long ago on ebay for $99, and it wasn't in perfect shape either.
  12. I wear a Jofa 390 helmet and cage sometimes, Jofa 1560 leather gloves in red and black, and a pair of CCM 952 Kevlar Tacks. Everything under the clothes is new Graf, pads have come a long way, but vintage helmets, gloves, and skates are great. Have a pair of Reebok 3K's, and the Kevlar Tacks fit way better.
  13. Just wondering what kind of vintage helmets and gear you see circulating around in your adult league hockey? I saw a few Cooper SK2000's around, a goalie had one on, and a few players. Saw a player with a old cat eye player cage with now pad around the jaw, just open at the bottom(now that was a rarity).
  14. Switch to a titanium cage, the only way to go. Visors are like the worst of both worlds, fog up and less protective. Titanium cages are so light you barely know you have one on. They need to make a player cat eye pattern or a half cage.
  15. On my team I came in being friends with 2 people on the team. The 3 of us started going out after the games, and got a few other guys to join us afterwards, our rink has a bar. From there, it's definitely has grown friendship wise with some folks. A lot of us are friends on facebook to keep in touch away from the rink. A lot of it has to do with how much you put yourself out there. On a side note, we won most of our games that season, and the cup at the end. Since the cup win, we've all become a lot closer as a whole. My best advice is to invite people to hang out after the game and see what kind of turn outs you get. If people come out and enjoy themselves, the team has a good chance of staying together longer. If nobody ever wants to do anything afterwards, don't bother re-upping and try with another team. It's all about the people and relationships that'll keep a team together, cause no matter what you're gonna hit a patch of losing.
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