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  1. What size are you skates? I have a barely used pair of Speedplates (size 10) that are collecting dust. I found that Superfeet worked better for me...
  2. I have a 7 5/8 head and found luck with a L Bauer IMS 7.0. I tried a L Re-Akt 75 and while there was plenty of room in adjustments, I had some pressure on the temples that made it uncomfortable for me. Have you tried on the L Re-Akt helmets?
  3. Normally I want/try to be constructive in discussion forums but... BA HA HA HA HA HA HA!!! The shear lunacy of so many statements almost made me pee myself... I hope he gets his funding and I hope he is onto the next big thing for our sport but dang...
  4. I second what Vet88 says and will throw in my two cents... The skates are your number one priority and I highly recommend that you should work with a local hockey store to get the right ones to fit your feet. Don't just try on a few pairs (or blindly trust that you or your hockey store rep know what's best for you), do your research on how to measure your feet (there's some good videos out there) and what a good fit should feel like. Notice if there are any pinch points on your arches and/or anywhere else on your feet. If they are uncomfortable in the store than this is going to be magnified on the ice. Keep in mind you are strapping on a fixed plate to the bottom of your foot that won't flex/form like a normal shoe. There will be some break in time for the skates and your feet but it's not going to go from uncomfortable to fuzzy slippers so do your best to get a good fit up front. Behind skates, I suggest finding a good helmet that is perfectly comfortable at the local hockey store. I tried on a helmet and noticed a slight snugness in the temple area (didn't think it would be a big deal) and found out it would give me excruciating headaches while playing. A little more time in the local hockey store and I quickly found a helmet that fit with absolutely zero pressure anywhere around my head.
  5. Were you specifically looking for a challenge to the skate design? Pretty much looked like you were wanting people to look at your crowdfunding page and consider donating... and because this is a discussion forum, you got feedback on several other aspects because that's what happens in discussion forums...
  6. Regardless of whether I agree or not, I have to give props to the guy for trying to find an alternative solution... Just thinking out loud, I think you'll find limited success in crowdfunding because the solution doesn't appear to be all that radical from the existing options in the market (it may seem radical to you but not to the person who is currently getting by with the skates he/she already has). Why buck up $500+ on a product that won't be delivered for well over a year when I have options to meet my need today (may not be the perfect option but they work pretty well)? IMO, ditch the crowdfunding and focus on investors. Rather than spend time trying to justify to a large number of individual potential buyers (and repeatedly have the same back and forth debate over what is a drop in the bucket of the overall goal), go to the sources that have the amount of money you need and do what you need to do to get the necessary financing.
  7. I bought these should pads in late October of this year and have worn them 5-10 times (medical procedure and work travel kept me out for much of the last few months). I simply don't like the way these fit on me and am going to go another route. I play in non-checking novice leagues and only bought this level of protection because I absolutely love the Wartech liner that the higher end Warrior products come with. If interested, please contact me directly at proth0303@gmail.com. I'd like $100 USD shipped to the lower 48 states.
  8. I'm certainly biased given that I live in Houston but if Dallas can support a team than I can't imagine Houston not being able to do the same, if not better, because of its size and diversity. Would it be as big as Chicago, Detroit, Pittsburgh, etc? Probably not but if Columbus, OH can support a team at a fraction of Houston's population than... well... you get my point. Houston also seems to be becoming more of a "sports" city given the recent success and popularity of it's existing pro teams (Astros, Rockets, Texans). I moved to Houston from Chicago a little over 6 years ago and was shocked to find several different ice rinks (I play hockey at 4 of them) with good hockey programs for all ages and skill levels. Cheers! :)
  9. When I wasn't traveling a lot for work, 2-3 teams and 1-2 drop ins per week... Work travel picked up a ton for me so I'm down to 1 team and 1-2 drop ins per week. It also didn't help that once school started the adult leagues had their game times pushed later and later in the night. I'm not going to do games at 10:00pm or later during the week.
  10. I'm watching it as well but I don't believe this is the final season. I thought I heard there was going to be one more? I hope so... :) I'm glad my Sunday league ends early so I get home in time to watch it.
  11. I'm actually liking the subtle design changes from VH to True. Not a big fan of the VH holder but that's easily resolved with a Tuuk holder instead.
  12. Do you have a local hockey store nearby to try stuff on? When I first geared up I tried on all sorts of brands and sizes and was surprised at just how differently everything fits. While I don't necessarily agree with statements to buy all mid or high end gear, the fact that you are new does mean you will take some awkward falls and you don't know what you do and don't like until after you've tried something for a while. For me, I struggled with falling on my tailbone to the point I was seeing stars. I had bought mid level CCM pants which didn't have enough padding in the rear for me (I had to insert a figure skating pad in my compression shorts). The high level CCM and Bauer pants didn't have much more padding so I ended up buying the highest level Warrior pants which have a lot of padding and was worth every penny. Maybe this is naive but I just don't see how high level shoulder pads, elbow pads, and shin guards offer much more protection for my level of play. I've fallen many many many times, taken puck shots, hit the boards, etc, and never thought I needed more protection in these areas than my mid level stuff. If I was in a full contact league than I might think different... The point is I went all new mid level gear and the only item I had to re-purchase for added protection was the high level Warrior pants (high level CCM and Bauer didn't appear to have the added protection in the right area). If you can find high level gear at a mid level price than by all means, go for it. My preference is to buy all new but to each their own...
  13. I never tried without the cage or raised up; however, I tried opening up the cage enough that I could see plenty of daylight between the cage and the clips (while on my head) but the it didn't help.
  14. I bought that exact helmet and had the exact same issue. In the store it felt fine but on the ice (after 10-15 minutes) the pressure on my temples would lead to migraine type pain. I thought that it would go away after a 1 month break in but it never did. I ended up buying a IMS 9.0 and haven't looked back. The re-akt 75 is certainly a nice helmet but it must not have been the right fit for me.
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