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  1. Thanks @IPv6Freely and @psulion22 for the replies! I've been looking at some other inexpensive pads on eBay and craigslist. I came across these and he is willing to do $150 for them: https://annarbor.craigslist.org/spo/d/vaughn-velocitygoalie-leg-pads/6244519122.html They look really similar to the 7500 that I have right now. Would going from a 33+1 to a 34+2 be a drastic difference? I'm pretty sure I am borderline 33/34. I'm thinking it would provide the extra protection I need on my thighs, and would probably help with the 5-hole issue too. The price I would pay for these would only be a little more than I would spend on knee pads anyway. I still plan on going to a local hockey store and trying out the different sizes.
  2. Hello All, Last year I was forced to play goalie for a lower-level beer league in short notice, so I ended up buying a lot of my gear from eBay. I was lucky enough to spend under $500 for everything, since I was (and still am) on a budget. Unfortunately 2 of the main pieces, my Chest Protector and Leg Pads, are causing some issues. I'll explain in more detail: I bought a Bauer Supreme One95 (not Pro) Chest Protector in size Medium for $85. It was in like-new condition. I can tell the arms are definitely a few inches too long because they tend to push my glove and blocker off a little, and also the elbow pads don't line up with my elbows. I looked at cutting and re-sewing the arms with a sewing awl, however, I am not sure how to approach this, and I definitely don't want to butcher them beyond repair. Also, they seem to be pretty bulky in the upper area, so I can't really turn my head without my mask (and throat protector) being restricted by the pads. So two questions: Is it difficult to mod gear while still having it hold up? Any suggestions on what to do with the upper area? My leg pads are Vaughn Velocity 7500 33+1. I am 5'7", and the pads seem to fit, it is just when I go down in a butterfly position my knees are exposed, and I have been hit there a few times. I definitely want to get some sort of protection there, but I also feel like the top of the pads should cover a majority of that area, is that correct? My concerns are whether or not the pads are the right size, or if I am going down in the butterfly position incorrectly. As far as protection goes, would you recommend thigh guards that attach to the pad, or knee/thigh pads that are separate? I mainly question whether or not I should get some new/used gear that addresses my issues. At the same time, I would save money by making some modifications to the gear. As I stated, it is a lower-level beer league, so the shots aren't ridiculously hard, but I still want to feel comfortable playing in my gear. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I plan on going to Play it Again and our local hockey store to check out/try on some gear as well.
  3. I have this shield: Bauer Hybrid Shield Shortly after I purchased it, the shield started to crack on one side. After a collision last night, the shield cracked entirely on the other side, separating the shield from the cage. Is it possible to order a replacement shield from a Bauer retailer? The cage portion is fine. (EDIT: I did ask Pure Hockey and I am not sure the customer service rep fully understood me, so that is the reason for this post) Thanks in advance for your replies.
  4. As the title states, the Bauer Hybrid Shield I bought is too wide for my IMS 9.0 helmet. Here's the thing, the helmet is a size medium, and I bought both the medium and large hybrid shields to try on the helmet, and both ended up being too wide for the J clips. I was trying to make some modifications to the clips to make them stick out a bit more by using washers, but it is still an issue because when I do get the helmet into the J clips, it stretches the width of the helmet, making it too wide for my head. I was wondering if it would be possible to bend the cage permanently which would also bend the shield a little, considering that is how I get them into the J clips anyway. Would this damage the shield or force it to crack over time? I need to make up about a half inch in order for it to fit. I would use the shield without the J clips, but it just doesn't feel secure. The shield is a size large, but like I stated, the medium size didn't make a difference, so I went with the bigger size because it fit me better. Any suggestions?
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