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  1. I just made the switch from VH customs to CCM (FT1) full custom. Wait time: About the same. I waited about 6 weeks from scan to delivery. Fit: Very close, the wrap isn’t the same but there are some benefits that ccm offers that VH did not. The stiffness being the main advantage along with boot length selection. The feel is similar with the one piece construction. The boot quality is much better along with the looks (objective) and weight. Recommendation: I went with ccm because my VHs were starting to wear down after 3 years of use. What sold me on CCM customs was the one piece construction, reputable brand name, and the thought of trying something new. The one piece feel is there, you definitely get a more traditional skate in the eyelets though. The transition hasn’t been crazy but there are subtle nuances here and there. I would recommend ccm customs for sure.
  2. Bauer stepping in to the custom scan/last game is a great thing for us. For me, it gives me options for my next pair of skates since my VHs are running down after 3 years of service. I’m stoked to see how Bauer does with this process and can’t wait to hear feedback on this forum. I’m currently weighing my options on my next pair of customs and I will probably get it started in November. Cant wait to hear from the forum on how well the CCM/Bauer customs are doing. Best hockey equipment news I’ve had since being on this site. IMO, of course.
  3. I took my skates to my LHS for a couple of eyelets. I also had to take my skates to a shoe repair shop to get patched on the other skate.
  4. I asked my LHS the same thing, they said CCM would only send the boot with the ccm holder. The AS1 pro customs do have me weighing my options on my next pair of skates....
  5. I will give it a shot. Thank you.
  6. Quick question on hollows for softer ice. I’m digging in to the ice and I’m at a half inch. Any recommendations?
  7. Agreed best of the second round so far....
  8. Agreed, It is more of a balance that wins cups these days. A goalie can definitely loose it for you by not making the easy saves.
  9. Thanks for the insight. I took the plunge after checking out this thread as well. Mine are starting to get worn down after 3 years. Thanks for mentioning your experience of trying to go retail as well. I thought I would give that a shot before ordering Trues. Every time I consider it I circle back to the possibility of retail not working and losing hundreds of dollars on something that could have been corrected by buying what worked in the first place. Please keep us posted on the True skate experience I'm curious if they stack up to the VHs. That might get me to pull the trigger on my next pair.
  10. I have the 2015 1N and the 2017 1n in the same specs IMO the 2015 was better and had more pop. The 17’ was good, just a little stiffer in the same flex. I am going to do my usual clearance grab on the 17 1N when the 2N pro comes out. The nexus line is the best stick line for me from Bauer.
  11. It looks like Larks is still using the edge as of yesterday. It’s funny how Larkin using another manufacturers stick is a game narrative for me so I was on the lookout.
  12. For what it's worth My VH's don't have any liner on my tendon guard (just the plastic) and still work fine. After a few years of use some of the liner is starting to get a little loose (I may glue it). It has to be frustrating that you are having issues with a brand new skate. From what I see in the pics it doesn't look like anything major but that is objective of course. Maybe take them to your LHS that sold you the skate and see if they can do anything to repair them before it becomes a major issue. I would contact TRUE no matter what so they are aware of the issue and hopefully they can help fix the problem. That does suck though.......
  13. Not to beat an over glued skate, but I can see both sides. I think what makes most people True Homers (myself included) is the search for the right fit. The general opinion is that if a customer is fitted properly and does their homework before making a choice on skates they will get the right fit. My feet are pretty awful and I had a tough time getting the correct fit. This is why when I got my VH’s they were the best thing to ever happen to my Hockey life. I went through a few pair of skates, trying to find the right fit with extensive conversations with my LHS. I agree that to the outsider that the true love seems a little cultish but most people on here went through a journey trying to find the right fit and will put up with some glue or rivet issues for a comfortable skate. I like checking in on this forum to see if qc has suffered since the true accusation. As far as I can see there has been some hiccups but it seems like they are headed in the right direction. I can say with confidence that the next pair of skates I buy will be trues, my vhs are about 3 years old and still going strong though.
  14. I think it's because the pros use different spec sticks "dressed" as something else. So if it's a 1N it could be an NXG dressed as a 1N. The codes pin point the exact build of the stick. It sucks for us buying the stick after market but it's probably necessary for the manufacturer to differentiate the exact model of the stick.
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