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  1. I just ordered a set of Step runners for my Graf 705's. First time with Step runners and I wondering if I can just stick with the stock 10' neutral profile or do they always need to be reworked before using? My current runners were a 13' neutral done almost 15 years ago. I am tempted by all the new profile options to use something other than stock 10', but at the end of the day, its more money and I'm not sure I would really benefit.
  2. I am in the market to purchase a new sharpening skate holder, and I have always used the cam lever style holders. From what I can find online, it looks like the newer tri-lie holders are around $200 more expensive than the older lever style. My questions are: 1) Are the tri-lie holders are worth the extra money? (e.g. What is gained other than the ability for flat bottom sharpening?) 2) If I only perform ROH sharpening, does the third dimension just complicate the process of getting level edges? (Does the third dimension even get used with ROH?) 3) If I make the investment in a new holder, is there a style that fits more types of skates than another and might be the preferred overall purchase? (e.g. Does a goalie specific holder work just as well on a player skate, where as a general holder may not work as well with goalie skates?) Thanks for any insight!
  3. From a pure physics perspective (not experience/preference) you would also want to take into consideration how much blade is making contact with the ice (aka runner contouring/shaping). The other physical variables are skater weight and ice temps as mentioned above. Lastly, I don't know enough about various runner materials to know if that would make any difference in how a player would prefer the skates be sharpened
  4. For what it is worth, a couple weeks ago I asked my cousin from Minneapolis, MN (playing in USHL this fall) if he or any of his friends/teammates used FBV. He very quickly said, "no". I know that isn't very scientific, but he is an elite HS player (transitioning to Jr A), in arguably the biggest hockey state in the US, and he was confident that no one he knows is really using it. Now I have tried it myself and I liked the sharpening, but I think most important is even edges and good finish. I really wonder if someone had a high quality ROH and a high quality FBV if there would be a noticeable difference...or if FBV gets preferred by some folks because the sharpener was forced to ensure even edges, etc due to the nature of the shape.
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