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  1. I use a pair of thin volleyball pads under the Brown pads and it adds a bit of padding to the point to the knee as well as locking the Browns in place.
  2. Phew! I thought I missed the thread on Terrell Owen sticks.
  3. We have no issues with giving up the blue line as the key terms here seem to be "stretch", "pass", and "stickhandle". It's a miracle that all three happen on a single rush, and we are always looking for one to happen.
  4. The ice around the boards at the rink I play at is a bit iffy, especially around the Zamboni door. I've had several friends hurt their legs in those areas over the past few years, just going in by themselves. To avoid what just happened to you and what happened to them, I don't really go hard into the corners anymore. Behind the net is a different story, depending on the situation...
  5. I use my ZC set for coaching and they sure do make a loud noise when demonstrating edges for drills. I may not be an accomplished skater, but I certainly sound like one. I think the players and other coaches are still baffled as to how I am able to "crunch" the ice with every push off. Games are still on FBV.
  6. Perfect Edge in Howell has it. I've not been there but a friend of mine from Whitmore Lake goes there to have it done.
  7. And this is why I don't go to open sticks and pucks, just private ice rentals with guys I know for some informal fun. The better players know each other and play hard, but tone down their skills for the slower guys. Heck, they even let me play goalie are a first timer, but gave me lots of time and space to get to know my gear better. I'm sure that it's no big thrill for the ex NCAA D-1 players to put one between my pads.
  8. My FBV lasts longer (100/50) than my regular sharpening, but I'm more of a coaster(I play D). I've been able to use the extra glide to save my energy when reacting to the play, and sharp cuts and stops are not part of my regular game.
  9. Sad to say, but that actually might be their legitimate business.
  10. In the course of my hockey misadventures, I borrowed a set of goalie gear and am giving that a whirl. It would be interesting to see if the Z-channel would work well for this position. Lots of edge when pressured at an angle (butterfly) and little edge when upright without pressure (lateral shuffle). I have an old pair of goalie skates that need a sharpening. Too bad the blades don't come off for a mailing to jimmy. Would the thicker blade work in the machine?
  11. I skated on the Z-channel in a clinic last night. As a point of reference, I used to be on 9/16" to 5/8" on a traditional hollow, moved to 90/75 FBV, now favor 100/50 FBV. I chose the ZC3 setting as the closest equivalent to what I like. I found that the Z channel felt looser on straight glides and didn't grip as much on light pushes, turns, and stops. However, once the blade was tilted more and more pressure was applied, the skates started to bite a lot more. I think, but am not sure, that the reason for this is related to the center channel. It won't really engage until the skate blade is a bit into the ice. The transition from glide to grip was smoother than my FBV, which in turn was smoother than standard ROH. The one thing that I will have to say is that during clinic drills on backwards crossovers, I was able to generate the same strong ripping noises for both my inside and outside edges, whereas before my outside edges (inside skate) were always weaker strokes from a noise standpoint. Whether I was actually better is still a matter of debate. When this sharpening wear out, I will try the next grippier setting to see if all this was because I chose the wrong initial setting.
  12. I think "Glide" is a better term than speed, and that it is dependent primarily on the width of the flat surface. The bit of edge in the ice seems pretty small to significantly affect the glide. Edge angle and depth is definitely important for grip, but blade angle to the ice and the force applied applied to the blade is really important as well. For FBV, I would think that going to a higher edge angle and depth would cost little in speed; the trade-off would be in the smoothness of the transition from glide to grip and the amount of forgiveness for less than perfect technique. In fact, technique would be even more important, as with a traditional hollow system, a grippier sharpening is also a slower sharpening, whereas in FBV, a grippier sharpening can be a faster sharpening.
  13. Can I send two sets, one for fbv and one for z channel equivalent to do a comparison for ourselves? I'll pay for both, of course.
  14. +1 SELL = Great communication and fast pay. Glad the auto-aim feature worked so well!

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