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  1. sb black = titanium coating, probably.
  2. a bit suprised, 20k is in use for nhlers after ribcor and ccm ribcor series released.
  3. RMS works great, I only used 4 in the back and 4 in the front on each skate. and you dont have to concern screws come off while skating or. and can apply threadblocker on screws(already applied on screws but can be safer) plus, they dont scratch bottoms of insoles. definetly needed bigger holes on outsoles(15/64 holes).
  4. what is the big difference between senior and junior in vh? just sizing or?
  5. oh yeah, thats right, i cant guarantee fit of skates :/ sorry. :( but i still think he should try to look for other skates.
  6. so give him THE BEST advice insted of my HORRIBLE advice. even if you agreed with someone it wont solve his problem.
  7. i suggest you try reebok skates... tendon guards are more flexible than other skates. more padding, more support. will lasts longer than your one.5.( if you dont buy cheapest model of reebok skates) and relatively wider. skate lock system is nice for beginners. more padding. all reebok skates are on clearance. they arent expensive. you can buy skates at online store. because you already know your sizing and perfect fitting is not necessary for beginner skaters. all you need is to have a pair of skates which will not kill your feet.
  8. i agree with chadd's opinion. of course if you are over 210 pounds guy and have a great skating skills, you have to buy such ultra stiff skates which have composite material quartor package... but i assume mako's ''stiffness'' what you call, is comptelety enough for everyone..
  9. ordering VH skates seem best for you
  10. i dont know which skates you wear. but if you wear cheapest model , i can tell you that cheapest model can not be fitted well so quickly and and less padding than expensive model.
  11. you can try to wear stable 26 socks. may solve your heel lock problem... i have had really bad heel lock with my RBZ skates. but i solved it wearing stable 26. or, you can wear pads around your ankle area. like EZeefit.
  12. you can switch holders lightspeed 2 from your x7.0 LEs or x5.0. switching holders costs much. but if these holders are same sizes, you dont have to buy new holders. but i think eventually you can get used to. you dont have to hurry up. and replacing insoles can solve your arch pain problem easily. there are much products. i recommend you try some of these. if they wont solve your arch pain, just use a heat gun to your pressure and problem area and push the area from inside of skate about 20 sec i did it when i had same problem.
  13. i just see a review on hockeymonkey. ''This ls4 is honestly garbage. Dont waste any money on it, ive seen about 12 pairs crack. It doesnt look like solid steel on the inside but rather some odd chalky component which obviously sacrifices the durability of the steel. Buy ls3 instead or even ls2'' http://www.hockeymonkey.com/bauer-hockey-runner-ls4-edge-pr-sr.html#reviewsTab uhm...
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