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  1. I moved from the Easton Mako/Mako II to the VH myself, and initially also found major adjustment period. Due to three things: - Tendon Guard, which I adjusted to, but also took the time to flex my tendon guards by hand a few times just to soften them up a bit. - Negative space in the Toe Box, which was fixed with a set of Powerfoot Foam Inserts - Pitch: I went with Tuuk Edge holders, so the pitch was off. VH built in a 1/8" heel lift (size 5.5 boot) and I profiled my steel to a +1 9-foot Radius. I am currently in a Quad 0.5 Radius.
  2. Been looking at the new Trigger2 PMT as I've been in the market for a new twig to replace my Super Tacks. The previous generation Trigger had solid kick but felt less responsive than I'd have liked it to be, as well as being a little blade-heavy for my tastes. The Super Tacks 2.0 I've borrowed off a teammate has been my cream-of-the-crop of twigs so far. Would it be worth venturing into PMT territory or simply pick up the Tacks 2.0 that I know works decently for me so far?
  3. iPads are relatively cheap. I think the camera itself runs for ~300-400 USD with the 3DSizeMe software being included and/or free on the App store. Scans are sent as a pre-packaged file to via e-mail to an e-mail address (in this case True/VH's skate sale order department).
  4. And it lost the "small shop handmade-look" charm for me, now.
  5. Edge control and proper technique come first. I'm 145 and 5' 8", running a 3/4 ROH, Black Steel and Quad 1 Profile. I can pick up my top speed fairly quickly, but acceleration felt its best when I was trying out a 15-Foot Radius profile. Sure, more bite technically improves grip for acceleration, but it'll also cut into the ice harder and work against your speed.
  6. The sets that have come through our shop are coated in DLC. We've even used pairs as reference samples when requesting a local company coat runners for us. Though that being said I'm curious as to what the painted sets you've seen look like, as I've only seen the matte-dark grey DLC coated steel come in through our doors.
  7. Not quite. As with anything Pros can simply choose not to take an endorsement deal, or not be offered one. Older players tend not to care much except to keep on using what they've always worn (for example, Sedins wear Bauer Vapor gloves, CCM/RBK 11K-shell helmet, Supreme skates year after year).
  8. Just something a little more unique. Wanted a retro setup and sent in my own leather.
  9. You should actually be fairly comfortable in a D-width Supreme. Vapor heels fit fairly narrow from the get-go, until it's baked/broken in and opens up, and that's when some people begin experiencing heel slippage.
  10. Get a profiling done on your Makos. I had a lot of teammates love the boot but the pitch made them skate funny. Most teammates put a -1 negative pitch onto the steel (brings the +3 overall pitch to a +2) and throw on a Quad radius as they liked the original turning radius on the 9 ft steel, but needed more blade on the ice for stability and speed.
  11. The more irregular a surface is, the easier it is to keep things from sticking. A polished chef's knife is more likely to have pieces of tomato stick with each slice than a scalloped one!
  12. Where'd you find the Blacksteel for the Edge? I can't find a Canadian retailer anywhere.
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