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  1. iPads are relatively cheap. I think the camera itself runs for ~300-400 USD with the 3DSizeMe software being included and/or free on the App store. Scans are sent as a pre-packaged file to via e-mail to an e-mail address (in this case True/VH's skate sale order department).
  2. And it lost the "small shop handmade-look" charm for me, now.
  3. Just something a little more unique. Wanted a retro setup and sent in my own leather.
  4. Did you order directly through STEP?
  5. I've found that the SB 4.0 and VH are comparable. Definitely stiffer than the Tuuk by feel.
  6. I've found a lot of customers seem to prefer the feel of the CCM SB 4.0 and VH-Step holders, citing the holders feel stiffer and seem to transfer energy transfer. I will admit that the CCM 4.0 holders, being one of the few modern-height/pitch holders available to us that can take aftermarket steel, has a serious advantage for customisability. If you don't swap steel frequently, like the pitch of Edge/4.0 holders, and want Step or BlackEdge steel, this would be the route to go.
  7. A couple guys in my repair shop did some research. Bauer has a patent license on the Edge Holder in Canada, and it was granted about 4 months after the holders were introduced. They will hold that patent for at least another decade.
  8. This is indeed the Hockey Shop in Surrey. Call in and ask for Jeremy, and we'll get an appointment sorted!
  9. The other reason is that Nash Sports, one of the main distributors of Step Steel in Canada (definitely the main distributor for Lower Mainland area) has been advised legally not to sell it. A few of the shops around here are also regularly visited by Bauer/industry reps, so it's a bit touchy.
  10. Glad you enjoyed the fit process. :) I've actually just e-mailed you your update. See you in soon!
  11. I've had that problem too. My first ever pair of skates were 1.5 sizes over and holy hell my feet hurt.
  12. From past experience with customers, the Speed Plates aren't spectacular with those with flat feet. Furthermore, the tech in them isn't all too spectacular in themselves. If the custom route is where he'd want to go, the best option at the same price point would be the Graf Conformables.
  13. I myself have flat feet - even worse, a flexible arch that moves between low arch and flat feet depending on stance. Mako skates did wonders for me, and I currently use low-arch Superfeet Black and Superfeet Carbon insoles. I would recommend checking out the Mako skates if you can find them in stock in your size. I've also known some teammates with flat feet to use Superfeet Yellow insoles, as well as the Graf SIDAS custom insoles. Beyond that, it's VH skates, as mentioned above. I'll repeat myself: Get your foot shape and volume fit sorted out first, and then address each problem by modifying the skate to your liking. Lace your skates snug/loose in the forefoot to midfoot area - you don't want to compress and already flat arch, then crank them at the top for lateral support, as a skate that fully supports your foot can reduce any other issues caused from a shifting or collapsing foot.
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