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  1. Now I'm back to square one! Haha. I'm a huge Warrior guy, but some of the reviews had people not liking the adjustment options. You are really satisfied with the comfort and mobility levels?
  2. Did you try on the CCM? I want to make sure their is enough adjustability. I live in the middle of nowhere, so my LHS has nothing. I was at the closest big LHS this weekend and they didn't have the CCM. The warrior felt comfortable and light.
  3. Hey guys! I'm making the switch over to a girdle. I had my eyes on the Super Tacks. After reading this board's reviews, I was just about to pull the trigger. I wanted to see if after being out a few months, if anyone preferred the new Warrior or Tackla? I'm really interested in the adjustability, which swayed me to CCM. Thanks!
  4. Anyone? Still cannot find them in 280.
  5. Hey all! I've been trying to get my hands on some Blackedge ls2 280mm runners. It seems like most places have been sold out for a while. Is there any news on maybe a new style or product update?
  6. Thanks! Do you happen to know exactly what wheels those were? Was I right on my guess? Or is there another brand with the same softness and such?
  7. Howdy all, I really love my CCM Externo Cage skates that I got probably in 2003. The boots are in perfect shape. The issue I have now is getting some new wheels. They originally came with Hyper Formula G 74A wheels. The issue is that they came with micro bearings. Does anyone know if these are still available anywhere? Or is there a way to convert the bigger bearings to fit my micros? I have probably done 10+ hours of searching without finding exactly what I'm looking for. Does anyone have a guess of what sizes these wheels were stock? The back seem to be bigger, but they are so worn out, I can not tell for sure. http://www.inlineskates.com/CCM-Cage-Inline-Hockey-Skates/24911P,default,pd.html#pdpSpecs http://www.hyperwheels.com/products/formula-g-micro-orange/
  8. Hey all! I'm going to pick up a spare pair of steel for my VH skates. I already have Step, but I'm coming from the normal LS2 in my last skates, so I'm looking to have that as a backup. Is the Blackedge version of the LS2 the way to go? Does it outperform the Bauer LS2 standard? TIA!
  9. Thanks for the responses! I had LS2 holders put on, in hopes of matching. It sounds like with matching holders, the boots should be very similar?
  10. Hey all, Have skated about 5 hours in my VH skates so far. They are BY far the most comfortable skates I have ever worn. I just had a question for anyone who might know? I used to skate in Bauer Supreme 70's. Does anyone know what level of pitch the VH boot has? For example, my Bauer's felt flat, while my Mako's were definitely pitched forward. I don't have my old skates to compare to, as I tossed them. They were beyond disgusting. Thanks!
  11. Any date update on this? Can't wait to compare!
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