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    nikebauer supreme one75, bauer one80, graf G65, mission commander se, Rbk 8k inline, alkali CA7 and rpd shift+
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    Easton ST, Warrior AK27, TPS R10, sherwood t90, t100 , True A6.0 SBP
  • Gloves
    bauer 4 rolls, warrior franchise, alkali 4 roll, combat 4 roll
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    CCM V08, FM480 cage
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    mission CSX girdle, mission commander black, alkali CA5.
  • Shoulder Pads
    bauer pro vintage
  • Elbow Pads
    reebok 14k
  • Shin Pads
    CCM fit09
  • Hockey Bag
    easton, fischer pro wheeled bag

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    Jakarta, Indonesia
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  1. That skates looked comfy. I think hockey tutorial also made a video bout botas skates
  2. Aside of gionta or other toe curve, bringing back warrior vanek will be great too! Really versatile, all round curve.
  3. probably the same with anyone here, bend your knees. don't be afraid of fall. wearing a knee pads might give you more confidence. again, look for how to skating video, and compare it with your posture. and for stopping, you might want to try shallower sharpening if its too grippy.
  4. same with joe@alkalihockey.com i got the same email rejected by the server.
  5. okay, so i've tried to send email to alex@alkalihockey.com but for some reason its rejected by the server. anyone got the same issue?
  6. so i finally got my rpd shift+ ! really excited, the size is perfect. gonna bake 'em later. i laced it up to see how it fit me, and stand up, width definitely wider which is nice, however my left foot balance is different compared to my right. the left chassis was mounted a little bit to the right (a bit disappointed here as my CA7 also had the chassis misaligned ). never saw such thing on other pairs that i've tried. will it affect my skating? im quite afraid that my outside edge might suffer. should i bake it first to see if it can improve the fit and balance? any advice on how to adjust the chassis?
  7. okay so i've ordered shift+ size 7.5 just like my old ca7. can't wait!!! btw, is there a huge difference between max+ and shift+ ? all i know is same boot but different chassis.
  8. i was in 7.5 ca7 before (when i put my foot on the footbed, i still have 4-5 mm space), and in rbk size 7D (slightly touched the toe box). i've tried my friend's 7.5 rpd max and still have some space on the toebox (i'd say a few mm). should i go with size 7 in shift+ then? my foot length is 26cm. however when i looked at IWH size chart, 26cm = 6.5 , pretty damn confused right now since there's no LHS around here (i'm in indonesia)
  9. got this franchise from ebay for $80 :) really good condition. love it! Uploaded with ImageShack.us
  10. how about its finger length? is it longer than bauer 4 rolls? and im still not sure if CA5 is okay in terms of protection and palm durability since its a single layer nash.
  11. anyone using CA5 glove already? how's the finger length compared to bauer 4 roll? and is it ventilated?
  12. guys, i have a question. Which one is better for conversion, flexlite 4.0 or one95 (durability and stiffness)? im going to use the chassis from my CA7.
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