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  1. Well this story isn’t really a complaint about customers but more about managers. :P I had a guy come into the shop yesterday to get a routine sharpening. I noticed the back outside edges of both skates were tore up pretty bad. So when I was done I asked the guy if he remembered possibly kicking the metal supports while sitting the bench. I guess the guy was impressed that I took the time to explain what I noticed and that I took extra time to clean them up. So he starts asking me a few innocent questions about sharpening and stuff. Well before you know it my manager, who had been snoozing on the skate bench, was right beside me chest all puffed out prison shiv in his hand like he was my ex-con pop! Poor guy ran outta the store so fast I didn’t even catch his name. What’s wrong…you don’t think a chick can handle talking to cute customers JR??
  2. Shiny Toy Guns New Young Pony Club TV on the Radio Action Action The Gossip
  3. Argh how did I forget She Wants Revenge!! Awesome band, great live also try Placebo and Morningwood
  4. *Gratitude & New End Original - both Jonah Matranga bands. Pop-punk/emo-ish. *The Coup - Political rap. Bit of a hardcore edge, with live guitars & drums. *Bouncing Souls - pop-punk in the vein of Lagwagon and other Fat Wreck Chords bands. *Ted Leo & The Pharmacists - Hard-edge indie-rock. *Revolution Smile - Alterna-rock. *Gogol Bordello - Gypsy-influenced punk. Different, but worth checking out if you're looking for something different. *Midtown - 'Living Well Is The Best Revenge' is a good album, but I haven't been as impressed with any of their others. *Mr. T Experience - 'And The Women Who Love Them (special addition)' contains one of the best pop/emo-punk EPs recorded (first 8 songs). *Reggie & The Full Effect - pop-punk *Zox - Ska-punk, kinda like the RX Bandits. *Bad Religion - The newer stuff ('Process of Belief' & 'Empire Strikes First' are probably the most accessible) *Pretty Girls Make Graves - pop-punk Sorry no links...I'm feeling lazy
  5. 'cause I'm bored at work....... Helmet: Mission Intake Pro Model / Bauer HH8000 - very comfortable Visor: Oakley Full Face Hockey Shield/Cage Combo / Itech RBE VIII - I2 Two Tone Wire Cage - Because we have to wear full face protection. Shoulder pads: Koho – small lightweight doesn’t shift around. Elbows: Mission Fuel 110 – they stay in place, the neoprene sleeve is a great feature. Very protective as well Gloves: Easton Air – felt like they were made for my hands…no break-in period needed Pants: Mission L5 – they fit my long legs ‘nuff said Shins: RBK 6k – the suspension straps fit well with my knee brace, very protective BUT hate the cloth part just above the kneecap protector. It sticks out and catches my pants sometimes. It needs to be longer and not as stiff. Skates: Mission Pure Flys with Pitch holder – got them for a steal at $50 and they felt great from day one.
  6. dude that sucks! i guess i should look at my numb knee as a blessing. lol
  7. gotcha i think i was looking at picking up the RBK 5 something or other...the ones with the suspension straps...i will try them on first to see if it really makes a difference or not. luckily my lump was defiantly swelling...its gone down now but i defiantly don't want a reoccurrence. thanks for pointing me in the right direction. one last question, people do grow outta osgood schlatters right? good luck dealing with it, it sounds painful.
  8. yeah?! no issues when going straight down on the knee? im tellin ya it was like someone inserted a superball just under the skin....it was so weird looking i have been looking and some new RBK/Jofa models. sounds like a good excuse to go shopping!
  9. anyone here mod out their shinguard to fit a kneebrace? I wear a donjoy defiance kneebrace with an older pair of CCM Tacks shinguards. Well 2 weeks ago i got tripped up and went straight down on the knee. no biggie but after i got home i noticed a huge lump below my knee and just above the top calf strap. im guessing since that strap is so thick the swelling came from the impact to that strap through the shinguards...the swelling just had no where to go but up. i was thinking about cutting out some padding so the strap would be flush to the inside of the guard... but then im thinking that may not be such a good idea. anyone have experiance with something similar? or should i just go out and get some fancy new pads.
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