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  1. Do you know who offers that profile?
  2. Does prosharp offer a 9-11-13 profile?
  3. I'm going with the heel lift, mostly because there isn't consistency when dealing with proshops. For instance, some shops will ask me to exactly specify what pitch setting I want them to use on their pro-sharp. Other shops offer aggressive, medium, mild, or neutral, but no specifics about what each setting means. I figure neutral is always neutral, and I'll just control the pitch with the heel lift.
  4. My feet were scanned on 7/31, and they arrived at the store on 9/29.
  5. Agreed, but how much of a heel lift is right? Any recommendations for a shop in the Seattle area that could do that work? The only shop I trusted moved to Nevada. lol
  6. Hi all, My CCM 100k customs arrived 2 weeks ago, and I need help. My previous skates were True customs with the VH step holder and a pro-sharp q0.5 profile. I love my Trues, but they were getting banged up and I figured I'd check out the CCMs. The CCM boot is generally comfortable, but I think the pitch of the boot/holder is holding me off-balance. It feels like my weight is always on my heels, and I feel like I'm about to fall-over just tooling around the ice. I figured this was a profile issue, so I had the q0.5 profile applied with an extra 0.5 forward pitch to see if it helped. While it did help a little, I'm still not balanced. My questions: Any of you know the default pitch of a True skate with VH holder in comparison with a CCM speedblade XS holder? Am I better off putting more pitch on the blade or going with a heel lift? If heel lift is the better route, how do I know how much? I've seen previous threads that talked about 1.5mm and 3mm lifts, but how do I know which is right? Any help is very much appreciated. Having $1400 skates that I hate putting on my feet is frustrating. Thanks, Jason
  7. I assumed "custom skates" meant a process similar to True where they built the skate around a scan of your feet. I've heard that Bauer uses the scans to steer customers to 1 of their 3 standard fit profiles. I also have the impression that the Bauer customization process for "retail customers" is largely cosmetic (embroideries, updated colors, different tongues), but they do handle the scenario where your feet have different lengths. For pro customers, they offer a bunch of other customizations such as using larger toe caps and creating Frankenstein skates that mix/match characteristics of their skate lines. It's unclear whether that pro service is available at your local retailer, and I suspect it largely depends on how experienced the skate fitter is.
  8. Thanks for the reply, @Leif I'm surprised your customs required months of break in, but it's great to hear they fit well now. How are they holding up over time? Any concerns?
  9. Hey all, Since I bought my Trues in 2017, I've not paid any attention to the trends in skates. My feet never fit properly in retail skates, and it's great to see that Bauer and CCM both offer custom now. I have 2 questions that I hope you might answer. Why do both Bauer and CCM offer multiple lines of custom skates? If they are going to build a skate around my foot scan, why does it matter if it's a supreme vs vapor or tacks vs jetspeed? How should I know what the appropriate stiffness of my boot should be? I've often felt that my Trues are too stiff, but I would have no clue how to choose a better stiffness for Bauer/CCM. Thanks! Jason
  10. Anyone hear anything new about this product?
  11. Thanks for the replies, JR and Nick. Follow up question: How would a shop know how to properly offset the existing profile? when I had my profile originally applied, i requested an additional forward pitch to be added, but I bet not all shops have the same definition of “minor forward pitch”. Similarly, if I mail ordered a profile service, how would that shop identify the existing profile? The video made it appear like the technician knew the proper offset, but it didn’t seem like he derived that value based on the blade itself. Thanks!
  12. Hello, I’ve been relatively happy with my Quad 0.5 profile on my True skates, but I’m always game to experiment with a different profile on my 2nd set of runners. I was near a well known shop in Surrey, BC that has a prosharp, and I knew they perform the profile while you wait. I decided I’d like to try the Zuperior M based on the positive feedback on this forum. I spoke to the person at the profile station, and he had concerns that pitch adjustments from my existing profile would impact the new profile in an additive way. That didn’t make sense to me since I assumed the shape of the runner would always match the template bar, but he was adamant that the machine would over pitch the runner unless he added some negative pitch. He decided he wasn’t comfortable with the service, and he opted not to do my runners. On this forum, people bounce from profile to profile all the time, and I’ve never heard of anything like this. @JR Boucicaut, @jimmy, @SkateWorksPNW, have you ever heard of such a thing? Is this just an inexperienced tech or were his concerns valid? thanks!
  13. Did you deal directly with True or did you work thru a retail store?
  14. Are the hole patterns identical between Tuuk holders and the True holders?
  15. The Bauer Hybrid doesn't have a replaceable visor. After about a year, my previous hybrid developed a crack on the attachment point between the visor and cage, and I needed to replace the whole thing. That said, I've been happy with it's performance, and I haven't had fog issues.
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