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    True TF9 on sprungs/True TF9 on Tuuks
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    Easton S19 kreps
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    Easton Synergy PS
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    Easton E700 PS
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    Synergy girdle PS
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    Eagle pro frankenpads/APX2 caps and biceps
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    Synergy 700 PS
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    S9 stealth PS
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    Warrior PS

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  1. I remember a certain review of the xc9 and I tried on a pair at BTM at one point and didn't like the cheap feel, but I never realized that they released another edition. How can you tell the difference?
  2. Have never used True gloves, which ones do you like?
  3. Surprised that nobody here mentioned giving the second tier jetspeeds a try. The ft4 (not pro) are great skates with a one piece boot and will have the flex you want. They're not makos by any stretch, and obviously you know that trues are the closest, but if you want another option, I would look into ft4s
  4. Shot one yesterday, felt a lot like my 2s pro. Kinda undecided if I should get one, recently made the move to toe curves and I'm finally used to it, don't really want to go back lol
  5. P92 is Sakic, and the other 2 didn't exist until towards the end of Easton. P88 was called e36 and p28 was called e28 or kreps
  6. What do you expect from Tyler Bertuzzi?
  7. Definitely at least half size down, but the sizing is very different so best is to try them on. I'm a 9E in Supremes and wear 8.5R TF9, could probably do 8R or 8W for a "performance" fit, but I prefer the comfort. I also don't pass the pencil test in TF9s, but don't have lace bite (only skates I do pass the pencil test in are Nexus and Tour).
  8. This is not new considering Bauer's history (Mission, Easton, Itech and probably more). It's annoying, but personally I think you have to just cya here and do it by their new book.
  9. Posted on Phew and 2k but figured I'd post here as well. Just had these done by Joe at Hockey Menders and very happy.
  10. I don't like the injected eyelets from a performance standpoint, but I never had an issue with durability on any of my MX3, 1S or 2S Pro. And I definitely block a lot of shots.
  11. Graf's are probably a good call. If you must stay Bauer for whatever reason then you should look for Nexus V-Cuts in your size.
  12. I grew up not using tape on my blade actually. I hated it. I use on the handle only because if the texture (Kane style handle) but don't really need the grip from it. But I use a wooden plug so my hand isn't on an area of the shaft that already has a grip coating
  13. Tennis over grip is very thick imo. I'm sure they vary but I got a few ultra thin Dunlop and they're much thicker than tape. I was leaning towards Tacki Mac anyway, so thanks
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