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    Supreme 2s pro on sprungs/1s on TUUKs
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    Easton v9e/Stealth RS
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    Eagle custom CP94s/Custom Talons/L29s
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    Easton E700
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    Eagle Aero pro
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    Eagle Aero Pro
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    Eagle Aero Pro
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  1. Bauer lengths have changed since then. Not sure if the change applies to Vapor skates as I've never worn them, but in Supreme, a 7.5 from back then would be equivalent to a 7 today
  2. Minnesota m1s are hot
  3. Yeah definitely, I had the elbows which were great, shins were too low profile for me. They were good quality, on par in protection, weight and comfort with my old 19K/20Ks even
  4. The Easton tech is definitely still being used by Bauer. Easton was way ahead in sticks in those days, before they took their eyes off the prize and their foot off the gas, to the extent that Bauer still uses that tech. The issue with buying old Easton sticks is that the last 5-7 years were a series of bust launches that resulted in an excessive amount of repaints, and if you don't buy from someone good, you probably aren't buying the stick that it's painted to look like. Plus, good curves and flexes are not so easy to come by. Maybe it's different for lefties...? IDK. But I'm about as on top of this situation as anyone around, and it's definitely not going to last forever
  5. Reading comprehension, dawg. He said if you're not concerned to drop a G on skates then consider dropping a G on lessons, it will do more for your skating than custom skates. The guy didn't say anything about not getting the right fitting skates and redoing the custom job, just that if money isn't an issue, put it towards skating lessons. IMO very sound advice. Obviously get skates that fit well and are comfortable, and, like a few mentioned, give True another shot, but also look into lessons if you have the change to drop.
  6. The jury is still out on whether it was an asset or a handicap for the guy wearing them. On one side you can say that everyone heard him coming a mile away. On the other hand, they were so loud that most people dropped in terror of an impending fighter plane bombing. Easy goals lol
  7. I'm aware. GXs are not available under 100 bucks. Same with CXs. Maybe you can find an HTX. Probably lefty out with a crap curve or 110 flex or something. For all of this stuff you're looking at closer to 150 anyway. There are plenty of new pro stock sticks that come in cheaper than that. Also, another issue with Easton is they were the literal kings of repainting sticks, so probably half the time you buy a new old stock Easton you don't even know what stick it actually is. Like I said, I still use them and am very aware of the situation. But I have a good supplier that is knowledgeable and honest with me. For me, yeah, in a weird gear geek who grew up with Easton and that's what I like, Easton and TPS, so that's what I continue to use. For someone to just go buying GXs on SLS and eBay for her kid, bit of a waste of time and energy. Buying old Easton's on SLS is a great way to buy an RS II and end up with an SE16. Not the end of the world, no, but definitely a pain in the ass when it happens over and over and it's not the stick you want. Easier to just get an Alpha or Jetspeed from a good source and know what you're getting most of the time. You don't save much money either.
  8. T blades did work, and they were definitely loud as anything. There were definitely folks who benefited from it.
  9. I'll look into it. They seem pretty accommodating, I just assumed it sort of defeats the purpose of this style skate and the whole speed skating influence.
  10. 8Ks have better calf protection, but you can just add a piece of padding for the calf. You can diy it or any gear repair will be able to give you a long term fix. These pads are regarded as the best because they are light and protective and also comfy. Most pros still use jofa/rbk for this reason.
  11. Agreed. I had a pair of pro return True customs that were incredible comfortable. Ended up selling them for a profit and going for the TF9s, but I'm just not a huge fan of the low cut boot. Same issue I had with Mako IIs and MLXs (although MLXs were also a bit of a volume issue for me). Never had an issue with Supremes before, but lately I'm finding that they're not very comfortable for the ankle that I broke a while back. They're very supportive, but not too comfortable. I'm looking into other options at this point, but the low cut of True concerns me. I'm looking into Ribcores or Grafs, but haven't had a chance to try anything on yet
  12. I've only ever ordered blades and they usually take at least a month
  13. At the custom level, yeah. The G7s are comp quarters even on the retail skates. I'm not averse to going custom at this point, but I would only do it with a fitter that I really trusted. Anyway, on topic, one piece boots claim the advantage of better feel, power transfer, stiffness possibly and some say comfort. Two piece boots claim the advantage of a better fit, heel lock, ability to vary stiffness in different areas of the skate and some say durability. These are the claims, but there is no hard and fast proof either way, so everyone basically just goes with their preferences, as with all things gear related. If I left anything if the list please add or correct me
  14. Absolutely, but those are made with a much softer material.
  15. Looks pretty much the same, but I haven't seen one in person
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