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    Supreme 2s pro on sprungs/1s on lightspeeds
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    Nexus 2N PM9
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    Bauer supreme 2S Pro pro stock
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    Easton E700
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    Eagle Aero pro
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    Eagle Aero pro
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    Easton pro
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    Eagle stealth s9 pro stock
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  1. Question about the sizing differences between different years of Supreme lines. My brother has a teammate who is looking to unload a basically new pair of MX3s. I wore MX3s back then and liked them and actually felt like they had even a bit more volume than the 1S and 2S Pros, which I would prefer. The thing I can't remember is if the sizing was different. For some reason I seem to recall a half size change between the MX3s and 1Ss, but I can't remember which direction and I could be altogether wrong. If I take a 9 in 1S what would my size be in the MX3? Anyone remember?
  2. In general, roller boots are usually not as good as ice boots. In this case, the zoom air ice and roller boots were identical as far as I know. You would have no issue putting a holder on them. Now, when it comes to stiffness and protection, there's no way that going 25 years back in time is going to compare to today's options. Meaning, if you're looking at Zoom airs for the performance, you're barking up the wrong tree. If you want a cool retro skate for drop in and pond hockey, you'll be fine playing with these as long as they're in good condition
  3. Nice. I ended up just selling my R1s recently as I couldn't really justify a third pair of skates, but I was gonna do exactly what you did, black out the bottom piece and the axels. Looks great
  4. Haha I tried a pair on and thought they were similar to a mix of 705 and 735 fit. I tried the 7700 and they felt like good skates with a nice build
  5. That's weird. I remember when the t1 and nxg came out he was still using the 95.
  6. I thought Kane uses a One95 still...? Isn't he like the prime example of that guy? Maybe he moved to the 1x at some point? But I don't ever recall him with the elliptical taper on the recent vapors
  7. I would definitely bake them again. I think you could probably bake them once a week the first few weeks and it would help a lot with dialing in the best fit.
  8. Should be this year I believe. They usually drop around the spring time so it should be only a couple of months. I don't know that you'll like the graphics on the new ones any better though lol
  9. You would think so, but no, it seems like Bauer has not used that technology in their helmets yet. The most breathable helmet is probably the mission inhaler, and you sound be able to find something on eBay or sideline still
  10. Easton e700 are super light and breathable, as are the old stealth s9 and S19 if you can find a new one.
  11. This is pretty much the best website you'll find. Other than that, look through IW and just read the marketing blurbs will give you some ideas of what's out there. The basic rundown is either all 80s, 76/80 hilo, and then Marsblade. Boots just whatever fits you for ice wood give you a good idea. Wheels depends on surface you're going to skate on. It's pretty straight forward honestly
  12. Those look dangerous. They're so ugly, but they look like they will perform incredibly. They look like they will be very comfortable and mobile with all the finger breaks.
  13. I mean, what Nick says it's kinda whatever. My point is that i did not experience the same feeling that you did. Obviously we can disagree, my point being that if someone comes here and reads this thread, they should know that there are different opinions. In my case, I read your post, wrote the Pure-X off as a bust and didn't bother with them until Nick convinced me to give them a try. The only reason I mentioned Nick is because he convinced me to give them a shot. Once I did I have to say from my own experience that I didn't have the same issue you did. (Obviously this is sales, but he said if I don't like them to give them back and he'll give me a set of pure +2s from his personal stock, so I really had nothing to lose and nothing to gain here). Anyway, point is, regardless of Nick, I did not have the issue you described with the Pure-X. PS- I agree, it's nice to get a little action here on the roller board
  14. I hear you, idk. I'm not going to post my emails with Nick and I obviously can't prove face to face conversations, but I promise you that he promised me that the real reason for the change was that the white Pures got discolored from the fluorescent store lighting and the only reason that the Pure-X exist is because stores threatened to stop carrying their wheels ifthey didn't fix it, so they made them blue and only adjusted it to try to get it the same as the ogs. The only explanation is that a lot of stores still had stock of the Pures and I guess those wouldn't sell if they came out and said the ogs are defective and these are the same with some blue dye. Doesn't really look good. Everyone wants to show innovation. So I do still think it's marketing. For the record, in also a big guy at 6'1" and at least 200 lbs (haven't been on a scale in a long time, but I don't think I went down lol)
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