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    True TF9 on sprungs/True TF9 on Tuuks
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    TPS Tricore 3 with Easton Iginla blade
  • Gloves
    Easton HSX/Bauer 2N/1S/NXG
  • Helmet
    Easton E700 Pro Stock
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    Eagle pro
  • Shoulder Pads
    Eagle pro frankenpads/APX2 caps and biceps
  • Elbow Pads
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    2S Pro
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    West End Warrior Pro

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  1. You probably need a 13 with fingers extended in that case. If you have long fingers but want a tight fitting glove then I think ft1 pro stock is the way to go as the fingers are extended 1/4"I believe
  2. I have a pair of Kyle Clifford's Kings gloves that have no plastic in the backhand
  3. If you ever saw his pro curve you would know he's gotta be a gear nerd lol, but retail skates is great
  4. No idea about retail I just have pro stocks but not all pro stock even have the plastic.
  5. 2S pro protection is top notch imo. Not many gloves without custom pinky guard will help you on the side of the hand there. I've taken lasers straight to the backhand and no issue
  6. https://sprunghockey.com/shop/ Thom bought the rights to the website, so he actually sells through here now. You save on the fees and tax and he does as well. He doesn't have a7s I don't think. But he does have the rights to production, so maybe reach out and see if he's trying to manufacture some. He told me in the summer that when he sells out he will consider making a new run
  7. What width were your franchises? 14N and 13W franchises have the same length fingers. Lengthwise, I think if you fit 13s in anything than you will be 13s in CCM pro. But the ft1s are snug. But I think 14 will be long in the fingers
  8. It will open up back there and if that's your only issue they should be pretty comfy. Part of Graf's amazing heel lock is that pocket design, but it does take time to get to that perfect feel
  9. They're nice. I usually just use them to stick handle in a lot near my house and they have lasted fine and are comfortable. Can't tell much difference between them and the konixx outdoor purrs though, at $5 more per wheel
  10. If I wouldn't have already jumped ship to true I would be all over those puppies.
  11. It's a p92 that stays more closed at the heel and opens up a bit later than the retail edition. But McD already told Oates to go fly a kite and looks like he's sticking with his curve. It's very close to a square toe p92, similar to Iginla but a much deeper pocket and opens up on top. To say it's an Iggy with more curve depth and more open does not exclude it from being similar to a p92, as the 92 also has more curve and is more open to Iginla. That said, I'm a right shot and I've only ever seen lefty of both McD and Oates, so there are possibly nuances that I'm not pickup up (I have a hard time doing it for lefty curves)
  12. Lol I never really tinker. Lace once and play, can't remember the last time I had to untie my skates to lace them again. I was also in Supreme with the lace locks for the last bunch of years
  13. I lace entirely under and prefer it this way. Never had lace bite issues and I find they lock nicely. In truth, I lace my shoes under as well, and I prefer it
  14. M David uses a modded p92 with square toe. Good luck finding one of his pro stocks though lol. You're other option is to sand down the toe on one if your sticks and then epoxy and tape. That's only if you're a real nut
  15. Thanks, but that post is a year and half old. I'm in the US anyway, so I did end up getting some MPC freestyle directly from RR
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