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  1. Have owned 2 pairs of skates on Edge now w/o any issues. If that did develop... change holders? Not that big a deal/or expense. I don't. And same ... Yeah - agree w the "pairing" part of those. However, how long has VH been making holders? or Step been making holders?
  2. Sort of intrigued to hear opinion of step holder / Can almost imagine the boot feel , and what can offer - but deciding this route : Tuuk vs Step holder.... would be my question
  3. This is actually nice There isn't a cup holder in front in there?
  4. I've worked with no Icing - and others. Gone through god knows how much $$$ and different profiles - never quite felt the same as having the extra 272 under neath. More then anything I think the 272 being longer just provides better stability / balance overall Seems not many have been in this same situation to really know what I'm talking of - even though from an outsider - that 9mm of difference sounds like nothing - hockey is a game of fine tuning
  5. And ironically I got a bad groin injury while skating on the 263 holder X7.0's ... Am on the West - but want work done right if I do it this way - TSR has pretty good rep from what I know in terms of repairs / mods on bauer skates
  6. Interesting. - So the pro pair of X60 7.5D's must have spoiled me to the comfort on 272' Any reputable shops to do the work? TSR perhaps?
  7. The added holder size absolutely does make a difference for me - I am that sensitive w/ my skates. At my Height / Weight a 263 doesn't suffice - or at least fit my playing style which isn't going to change much after 10+ years The X60 7.5D was great / no pain fit well / performed fantastic / no heel slippage / locked down - but sold because I realized I could go down .5 a size to get that "perfect fit" That being said went to the X7.0 in a 7D w/ 263 and though boot felt fine - just as it did on the X60 / except a tiny less room now - I had the problems on the 263 holders It pains me to buy a new skate - then have to re-drill for bigger holders The 1X / and X90 both felt great in store in 7D's - and thats the unfortunate part - they have that tiny holder ... Maybe it's time to look into GRAFS
  8. Swiss cheese boots? Or newly drilled holes too close to pre-existing ones perhaps - being so close in size
  9. Playing hockey my entire life - parents always buy you skates to "grow into." At my adult age - after a few different skate purchase/trials- my TRUE sz (toe brushing caps) but not cramped when I skate is a 7D - (263 holder) ... PROBLEM I have learned (over 10+ years) to play hockey in skates too big / larger boot / holder. (272 minimum) 7.5EE was my last pair of XXXX's in juniors (Way back when-wrong size) both width and length NOW: My proper sz is a 7D - w/ a 263 feels small Owned and skated on a pair well over a year) Played with radiuses - going to 10ft / etc - Do-able? Sure - but always feel my strides shortened (5'11/180 pounds on a 263) Prior to the 7D 7.0 - Had X60's 7.5 / W 272's thinking back one of the best skates I've owned. Yes - toes weren't brushing cap / but heel didn't slip/move around/ and played balanced - enjoyed them having the 272 runner under me suited me better I believe>? Buying new Skates now Go true to sz - 7D w/ 263 runner and force myself after yrs to adjust? OR go that .5 sz larger with the 272 and stay in the comfort zone
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