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  1. Is the laceline/cut going to be same in hyperlite skates than 2x pro? Because in the picture it seems that laceline is not as aggressive than 2x pro?
  2. Is the top eyelet of the skate going to be lower than 2x pro skate or is the top eyelet hole going to be smaller? Because in the picture it seems smaller/lower. And how they have increased the wrap of the boot? Does the open eyelets cause more wrap than 2x pro lacing system ?
  3. Okey, did you notice some significant differences versus 2x pro? I mean is the boot height same than 2x pro and is the fit about same?
  4. Ok, do you have any information how much would be the difference between one size?
  5. Do you know is there height difference in vapor skates between two sizes measured from bottom of the boot to the top eyelet? Example sizes 8.0 vs 9.0?
  6. I chatted with bauer fit and tech expert and he said that there is coming new technology, steel and lacing in hyperlite skates. I asked about lacing and he said it should flex more easily than the 2x pro. I dont know does he mean the forward flex is better or does it wrap better ? You could see the new lacing in image which i posted earlier. Also i found on the internet that the new steel should be carbonlite runner.
  7. Does someone know how new vapor skates are going to be different than 2x pro? Does @PBH know something yet?
  8. Does someone know is the vapor fit 2 still lower cut than supreme fit 2?
  9. Does someone know is the true skates lower cut than bauer vapor skates?
  10. Have someone mentioned that ultrasonics have 9 eyelets per row than previous models had 10 eyelets per row? Is the top eyelet of the ultrasonic skates still the same height than the top eyelet of the 2s pro?
  11. Yes, i asked the LHS guy and he said that vapor is vapor and supreme is supreme so skates are different in those specs that you mentioned. The new fit system only allows more people to fit the skates but they are built by different types of players.
  12. I tried 2s pro about year ago. I now have apx 2 vapor skates. There was a huge difference between supreme and vapor. 2s pro feels that i am skating on my heels and couldn’t get good forward lean. The boot are more neutral pitched than vapor in my opinion. Can someone tell me am i right about the pitch ? Few LHS gyus have told me that vapor have more aggressive stance than supreme skate. Also the eyeletline are L-shaped in vapors and U-shaped in Supreme’s and thats allow you to the better forward lean also.
  13. So you didn’t change the holders to the larger one’s? You just changed your profile to the larger radius and you now feel comfortable with the skates?
  14. Apx2 skates fit ok except my foot moves a bit. My foot moves because the skate are too big. I assume that when i bought those skates the 8D was too narrow so i bought the 9D which was good for the width but too long. The 3D scan put me to the fit 2 because my width are E. I tested 8.0 fit 2 which was good and 8.0 EE which was too wide. They didn´t have 8.0 fit 1. I am worried about is the ankle wrap longer with fit 2 vs fit 1? I mean that is the length from the tendon guard to the first eyelet longer in fit 2 versus fit 1? Or is the fit 2 just a little bit deeper than fit 1 so there are more volume because of that? Does anybody know? Thank you for your answers!
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