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  1. Are there any differences between a p40 and a pro stock p80 curve or is it just the pro stock name? Thanks.
  2. So as long as the holders are aligned correctly there shouldn't be any problems with durability or anything like that? Also does anyone know how the stiffness of the visium's or zenith compare to RBZ's?
  3. I came across the Alkali RPE's and the fit of them sounds just about perfect on paper, but there's one problem...RPE's are inline, and I play ice. I've heard about ice hockey skates being converted to roller but was wondering if anyone has used an inline skate converted to ice. Are there any drawbacks to using inline boots on ice and is there a way to order them with just the boot? Thanks
  4. Reading all of the Graf suggestions I am still a little lost, can someone explain the difference's of 535/535s, 735/735 Overload, G75 Lite, and "Gxxx" series.
  5. I'll have to visit my local stores to check for Mako's depth, and hopefully partially bake for width if they're in stock. I'll also be looking for Graf's locally (and order one or the other if none are in stock) as I've heard great things about both skates and the fit of Graf's sound just about what I need. I recently tried on a Nexus 9D but was having issues with width and heel lock, would an EE in Graf's be needed or is a D in Graf wider than a D in Nexus?
  6. Are Graf skates available at Total Hockey or Perani's to try on or is it something I would have to order to try on? I have no experience in Graf skates and have never tried any on.
  7. Hopefully there will be a pair in my size locally, and they will bake or partially bake them as I would definitely not like to waste money on skates that will not be wide enough on my forefoot as I did my RBZ's (bought them in February)
  8. I will most likely need EE's as I have an extremely wide forefoot also. I'll be looking for a pair at my local stores and hopefully be able to try on a pair without orderering, if not I'll definitely have to try these. Thank you so much for your help, these sound just about right as long as the depth is on par, along with the forefoot width
  9. Thanks for your recommendation, I'll have to try to find some Mako's to try on (most likely m8's). Do you have any problems with depth in your Mako's, I have a moderately deep foot?
  10. What skates have a wide forefoot and a narrow heel? I am currently in 8D RBZ's with the forefoot punched out (still get some pain if I lace them too tight). My heels are slipping quite a bit in them too and I've noticed that vapor's lock my heel down great. If anyone has any suggestions on what skates to try, or how to get better heel lock in my RBZ's that would be great. My budget is around $300-$400, thanks
  11. Is the width of an EE the same in a 1N the same as it was the 8000's or are the 1N wider?
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