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  1. Anyone know what curve Cale is using? Almost looks like a basic p88 with how flat it is.
  2. My guys season started on time and they already have 9 games under their belts. Tournaments not looking very good but seems like they will do a few super series instead. How did the rest of you guys make out?
  3. Anyone receive the new smaller sharpener yet? Really thinking about biting the bullet on this one now that its a little bit cheaper.
  4. Last question for you guys. Is the p90tm and p88 the same lie?
  5. psullion22 thanks very much for your write up. My local proshop still doesnt have any p90tm's in stock unfortunately so I cant really compare it, but judging by the most recent pictures boo10 posted it almost looks like the p90tm is more open than a p29. Do you think that might be because of the angle he is holding it at in the picture? Or maybe because of the bend in the toe? From your experience with the p90tm have you had any issues with shots going over the net? I have very good control on my shots with the p29 but have had issues when shooting with my friends p28s.
  6. Colins thank you very much for that picture and information. Judging by your description I'm not sure if the blade is open enough for me? What I am basically looking for is a p29 curve with a taller blade and flatter rocker. I play defense and the p88 does everything I want except I have trouble hitting top corners. With the p29 my shot is perfect from everywhere but I need the taller blade and flatter rocker while playing the defensive side of the game. My proshop does not have the curve for me to look at unfortunately.
  7. I want a p29 curve with a taller blade and more blade on the ice. Is the p90tm that? I dont want a toe that is more open than the p29.
  8. Can anyone compare the p90tm to the p88. I used a p88 for a long time but am now using a p29 to help with my shot but definitely miss the flatter and bigger blade on the p88. Does the blade on the p90tm open more than the p29?
  9. My son has worn a Nexus for the past 3 seasons but he is now wearing a Supreme fit 3 and really likes them. I think all the Nexus guys will be fine.
  10. Its crazy how wide of a range Ribcore can fit. Narrow AND wide feet. Almost doesn't make sense how it can be so formable and still stay stiff. Since my son has wide feet what would you recommend for him to do? CCM has the 30 day return deal so I am thinking get him heat molded in Ribcore 80k skates and let him skate a couple sessions before he makes up his mind. If they are still too tight and uncomfortable then I guess return them for EE RIbcores. I just dont want him to go directly to an EE and then the skates get too sloppy on him after prolonged skating. Do you think this is a good way to try it? For what its worth Supertacks out of the box are a little bit too narrow for him in the forefoot.
  11. Thanks for the reply CCM. Is the Ribcore EE wider or comparable to Nexus in volume?
  12. Can anyone confirm that the Ribcore skate is the highest volume CCM skate? I am reading mixed things online. Some places compare them to Vapor, a few have compared them to Nexus. I want to switch my son over to CCMs but when we were at a proshop last year they gave him the super tacks to try on for a high volume foot and they were a bit tight for him. The guy didn't even offer us Ribcores to try on as a possibility. Would they be comparable to a Nexus skate in fit?
  13. Puckpilot. Thanks very much for this video. Happy new year to you.
  14. I guess my main concern is are the blades the same?
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