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  1. I have had my Super Tacks for 7 months now and my left skate is doing that each same thing as your jetspeeds. I have tightened the nuts on the blades, checked none of the rivets are loose and taken the insoles out and re set them in place. This has done nothing the click/pop still remains! I'm sure this is nothing to worry about and the skate is completely fine its just really annoying.
  2. I was in a 9.5 EE Bauer total one nxg. Went into my LHS to originally to get Bauer 1N skates, however after trying them on the heel pocket was to big for me. Tried must of been a 6 or 7 different models of skates. i like the fit of the ccm super tacks after trying on a 9.5ee was good but wasn't quite right. Then tried on a 10EE and was bang on perfect fit, felt exactly the same size as my NXG's. Spoke to a few hockey players who have come to the super tacks from bauers and all of them have been half a size bigger in ccm's ( e.g. bauer =9.5ee ccm 10 ee) hope this helps
  3. Hi Phantom, What kind of price are the Cypress skates going to retail at? Trying to hold off biting the bullet and getting new skates as my current Bauers are falling apart after one season. These skates look incredible!!
  4. If each player on a team chipped in to spread the cost not that bad to have in the locker room ?
  5. Update: Went ahead and sprayed the skates. I spent time masking up the whole skate taking the blades out just to be on the safe side, making sure every bit i didn't want to get painted didn't get painted or leaked on to. Then with the finest glass paper i could find went over all the carbon to give the paint something to grab on to. Wiped the whole skate down with an alcohol wipe, and let dry. Sprayed 4 thin coats of black gloss. Then sprayed 1 finishing coat really smoothly on the skate. left to dry for 8 hours
  6. I have Bauer 1X skates and the paint is all chipped. I've only had them for 9 months. debating whether to spray paint them black! i did this with my old Bauer One.9 skates to practice on and they came out really well better than expected actually. Any thoughts?
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