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  1. This may sound nuts but do you always keep your hair the same length? I have an Easton e400 in medium that fit perfect when I shaved my head, had to open it up when my hair grew out. I would go with the large.
  2. Do you mean like Bauers ODN1 prototype line they had a handful of pros test out?
  3. Was twirling around YouTube and came across these, VH's method seems pretty intense, the foam mold one in the other video is interesting as well with that type of foam that's used.
  4. Update on the Shanny curve, used it in my first game Sunday, loooved it, just like old times. Perfect stick top to bottom.
  5. Aside from small modifications like tongues, holders and blades, how much different is a pair of skates the pros use to the same ones we buy at a store? Do they just bake skates like everyone? Or do companies like Bauer make a boot specifically designed for pro players by taking a mold of their feet and building a boot off that mold, does that even happen?
  6. It comes down to this, when you're signing million dollar equipment contracts with every pro, minor pro and even major junior and college teams; what's the point of making us "little people" happy with a somewhat adequate customer service team? Answer is, sadly, there isn't one.
  7. I'll second this, I've sent an email of a simple question a month ago, I don't expect I'll ever get a reply. For sucha big company I frankly think it's total BS they don't have a customer service number to call, that's just ridiculous to me.
  8. I have an ooooooldddd Sherwood wood/graphite stick (Coffey) edition that says 130 flex right on it, not sure how accurate it is.
  9. When I'm barefoot, my old ones were at the very tip of my nose, the new one I just got I cut at JUST above the tip of my nose. I'm 5'9-10. now here's the thing why I think I needed a little longer of a stick. I like to make my knob the full width of tape , and I like the knob big (think of half of a goalie knob) don't ask why, I've always just liked it playing D. The tape is 1 inch in width so my hands always laid right under the knob where it ended. If I was to measure where my top hand actually goes it's definitely under my nose, now the new one I cut the tape ends right at the tip of my nose, where my top hand will be. Am I right in taking considering where my top hand is since i use a big knob and that inch of stick where the knob is, is never used? Hope you guys get the question! Sorry if it's confusing haha.
  10. Awesome, good to know, will Shanahan be available from here on out then?
  11. I received mine yesterday, (Stephen you know who I am lol) very impressed with the stick, I got the Shanahan with the grip gloss on the shaft and grit texture on the blade; RH, awesome stick, can't wait to use it!!!
  12. I have ls4 on my 1s skates and love them, but be careful and make sure you get the NEWER generation ls4, the older ones has some issues and recalls and broke easily, the new generation is good to go though.
  13. I want to increase the length of my sticks, I feel like they're just a little too short for me. I know all the guidelines and everything but what I was wondering is what would be a good amount to start at for lengthening? 1 inch? Half? 1/4?
  14. Or you can get em brand new for $500 like I did
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