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  1. Ok I'll try loosening everything up. And my first pads had those elastic ones with plastic hooks that clip into your skate laces but they broke almost immediately. So the lack of a boot strap isn't one of my issues? I thought the boot strap helped the pads rotate back around?
  2. Hey guys I've got a question about pad rotation. A little background: I've played hockey most of my life, but I'm fairly new to playing goalie. I started a few months ago and am pretty much just learning as I go, playing approximately once a week. My first set of pads were some CCM EFlex that I got really cheap off sideline swap and I've had no issues with those. However I was given a set of Bauer Reactors that are newer and in much better shape so I've been trying those out. Neither sets of pads have a boot strap, my toe ties on both pads are identical, and they feel like they're strapped about the same on both pads as far as how tight the straps are. But for whatever reason on the Bauer's whenever I stand up after I drop into the butterfly my pads won't rotate back to neutral. Any idea on what would cause this?
  3. When I started skating again a couple years ago I bought a pair of Graf 535S's on clearance on hockey monkey (no returns because they were clearance) and they fit terribly. After messing with different insoles I was finally able to make them fit in a manner that doesn't make them unbearable to skate in, but I've been skating a little more lately so I figured it was time to think about replacing them. So the last time I was at Pure Hockey I had them size me using their fancy Bauer 3D fitting machine. According to that I have somewhat flat feet (news to me) and I have wide-ish feet (I was aware of that as I float between D and E widths in regular shoes and work boots). Even with all of that the computer said I should be in a 9 EE vapor which confused the hell out of me. My limited understanding is that Vapors would definitely not be the fit for flat, wide feet. Even after telling him that my Graf 535's were too narrow on my forefoot he still just pulled a bunch of Vapors and Jetspeeds for me to try on. They felt alright I guess but they were tight in the forefoot and I wasn't about to buy skates I wasn't that comfortable in. I guess my question is does anyone have similar issues with their feet and what are you in for a skate? I'd rather not make them pull out one pair of every line CCM and Bauer make but if that's what it takes I guess I will.
  4. Oh I was unaware they pay seperate fees for masks, pads, sticks, etc.
  5. Ok I stand corrected. Just thought I had read that they weren't paying the Licensing Fees.
  6. Care to elaborate on that or just gonna drop that pearl of wisdom and leave?
  7. So I'm watching tonight's Canadiens-Bruins game and happened to notice that Tuuka Rask's pads have the Vaughn logo on them. I thought Vaughn wasn't paying the NHL licensing fee anymore so wouldn't that mean their logo can't appear anywhere?
  8. I guess I can see that. Thought they might be nice for pond hockey tournaments.
  9. I was just looking through my local craigslist and happened upon these gems. Anyone ever seen these? What are they? They appear to have padding like a regular set of breezers but are long, much like Cooperalls. Just thought they were pretty interesting. https://madison.craigslist.org/spo/6013131968.html
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