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    Bauer Supreme 190
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    Nexus 1N, True A5.2 SBP
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    Bauer Supreme TotalOne MX3
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    Bauer 5100 w/ Profile II OREO Cage
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    Nexus 800
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    Bauer Vapor X100
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    Bauer Nexus 4000
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    Bauer Vapor X80

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    Madison, WI
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  1. I play in the morning on Sunday's. Usually a bowl of oatmeal, a banana, one cup of coffee, and a string cheese. On my way to the rink, 3 Advil, a sugar free Redbull, and water. Then follow up with a beer or two after game or at home in the shower.
  2. I wonder what True /VH is charging for the scanning tool (iPad) with software? I heard what Bauer was charging for their new fit tool and just about fell over.
  3. Do these have the narrower toe cap like the Tacks do? I'm in a Supreme 190 EE and tried the EE Ultra Tacks with no luck b/c of that toe cap.
  4. tpedersen3118

    True A5.2 SBP

    True A5.2 SBP TC2-5 curve 95 flex I purchased my TRUE A5.2 SBP 95 flex TC2-5 curve almost a year ago. At the time I knew nothing much about the brand aside from what I had read via MSH. At the time of purchase I was playing a STX Surgeon 500 100 flex with the X88 curve. That was a good stick but I was not a fan of the softness of the blade. Fast-forward to my TRUE purchase. After searching locally and not finding one close by, I located a store in NE Wisconsin that sold TRUE sticks. I arrived with the intent of purchasing the MC curve in an 85 flex but after playing around with a couple models in-store I went with the TC2-5 in a 95 flex. A little about me… beer league a couple of days a week, 5’9” 240lbs. Grew up playing Right D but now play R Wing as well. Sticks played most recently: STX Surgeon 500 100 flex, X88 Curve, Bauer Nexus 7000 87 flex P88, Bauer TotalOne 102 flex P91A curve, Easton Stealth RS 85 flex P9 curve. Blade: As far as the blade is concerned, I like it but could be improved, slightly. After almost 10 months of playing the stick I find that it is still as stiff as the day I bought it. The puck jumps nicely off the blade but is not overly stiff that it bounces off when receiving a hard pass. I attribute this to TRUE’s BRT technology which places two foam filled carbon weave tubes into the blade for added durability and lasting stiffness. According to TRUE this makes the blade 50% stronger than the previous TRUE A series blades. I have no chips, dings, or cracks in the blade (I tape heel to end of the toe). I have one “complaint”, the blade plays a little dampened, puck feel is good but sometimes I find myself looking down to find where the puck is on my stick. Kind of annoying but if it keeps the blade stiffer and more durable, I’m ok with it Score: 8.5/10 Shaft/Flex The shaft of this stick is double concave with rounded corners, if feels great in the hands and the matte grip is, IMO, the best on the market; not too sticky, but just right. TRUE obviously has spent a great deal of time and R&D on this aspect of the stick. A true OP stick, created with their Axenic technology creates a well-balanced and durable stick. Flex is good and plays true to advertised, I cut my sticks 3” and use a 2” wooden plug – old habits. Score: 9/10 Stickhandling/receiving passes: As far as stickhandling goes, and as I mentioned earlier, aside from the slightly dampened blade feel the stick performs as expected. I’m not a dangler so I can’t speak to the fancy moves and how the stick responds, but as far as receiving and sending passes, I can go tape to tape with no problem whether it’s throwing sauce or a hard snap pass. Score 8/10 Shooting: Shooting with the stick is grea, the Smartflex varied stiffness technology is apparent in the stick when shooting. Wristers and snap shots are quick and accurate while powerful slapshots remain on target, I attribute this to not only to the Smartflex shaft but also the stiffer BRT blade. When compared to the STX I was playing you really start to appreciate the technology TRUE has put into this stick, especially at this price point. Score 9/10 Weight and balance: Depending on the scale used, this stick comes in somewhere between 420-425g. This is crazy given this is NOT a flagship stick for TRUE. Bauer, CCM, Warrior, etc. all offer their tip of the spear sticks at around this weight or more and range from $280 - $300. IMO, $200 for the TRUE A5.2 SBP is a stellar deal. The stick is nicely balanced, a little heaver at the blade but only slightly. I use a wooden “nub” in all of my sticks so the added weight in the hand balance it out just a little bit more for my liking. 9/10 Durability: After almost a year of use twice a week this stick has really held up well. The blade is still as stiff as the day I bought it and it shows minimal wear in high slash areas. After the first couple of times I used the stick I did take some hits to the hosel and there were a couple of areas that chipped and pretty deep too. I fixed these areas with some materials I had laying around the house, however, I don’t believe it was necessary, these were likely cosmetic damage and wouldn’t have affected performance. I have not seen any chips in the shaft, I feel it is well constructed and grip coating also helps with this as well. I also haven’t had any issues with the blade chipping of separating at the rocker or toe, still in really good shape! Score 8.5/10 (Chipping early on knocked it down ½ a point) Conclusion: SCORE: 9/10 I’ve really become a fan of the TRUE A5.2 SBP. When I look for a new piece of gear I look for what is going to best suit my style of play and budget. I don’t become brand myopic and have to get the newest Bauer or CCM item to hit the market. I really like that TRUE has created a stick that is a good price point, lightweight, and durable. I should also mention that the looks for this stick are great; subtle pops of blue, exposed carbon weave, silver and black graphics, all make this is one of the better looking sticks on the market. For $200, I don’t think you will be able to find a better stick –
  5. I do have a Letterkenny Shamrocks jersey on order. Pretty sure no one in my league will get the reference; which makes it awesome!
  6. Just wrapped up season 2 last night. Frickin' hilarious! Looking forward to season 3, apparently it takes place in the winter from what I have read.
  7. ALL airlines. Unless you can afford Emirates. Based on their commercials though you need Jennifer Aniston money (or need to look like Jennifer Aniston)
  8. Damn it. I thought I was venting about it, not starting a political debate. Either way, someone just delete my damn post. I'm going to go have a beer. 🍻 Thanks for calling me out on that! 👍🏼
  9. Politics in the locker room I can't stand listening to that sh*t, before or after the game. Hockey is the 1-2 hours a week where I can let go of all the sh!t on my mind and focus solely on nothing but how can we beat our opponent. The last thing I want to hear is a bunch of people running their mouths about politics - either side. It's bad enough that I live in the liberal epicenter of the Midwest, but for fu*k sake, this is hockey, not some GD coffee shop on State Street with a bunch of patchouli oil wearing hippies and arrogant college kids. Rant over.
  10. Yep. US IP's are blocked. VPN is an option.
  11. That's a damn shame. Come on Canadian media! Put it out there for the kids!
  12. It's one of those shows where I think people love it or hate it. I'm a huge fan of the humor, I'm still trying to decipher what McMurray says to Wayne in the bathroom... something about a "drivin' them 94' jeep YJ with a wave decal on the side, ??? ???? ???, Bangkok ladyboy"??? Wtf? Lol!! ????????????
  13. I've been looking at replacing my 190's with either the S190 (pretty much the same skate) or the N9000. My current 190's are a EE and with some strategic punching fit glove like. That said, my questions are these: - How does a EE Supreme compare to a Nexus D? Same fit or is the Nexus slightly wider? - Comparing the two skates (you can throw the Vapor 900 in this as well) there is about a $130 difference, Anyone have insight as to why the tier 2 Nexus skate was "downgraded" so far from their $950 1N? I really like the comfort edge, carbon out sole, and tongue protection, etc. in the 190 / S190 but I'm not so sure I can spend $730 on new wheels again. Also, none of the shops around me carry the N9000. 1N or the N8000 are the only option I have in terms of try before you buy.
  14. yeah, I saw immediately after I posted it... but thanks for rubbing it in! LOL!
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