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    True Custom Skates
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    Warrior Covert Edge Pro / 85 Flex/ W03
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    Warrior Alpha Pro 14"
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    Easton E600 w/ Bauer visor
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    Warrior Covert QRL
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    Bauer Vapor X100
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    CCM Tacks 6092
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    Bauer Vapor X 7.0
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  1. Forgot to take a picture of my awesome cake day presents. Decided to go back to the Covert line of sticks from the Alpha, and from the Covert QRL gloves to the Alpha Pro gloves. Haven't used the stick yet but the used the gloves last week in a game and they were amazing, felt broken in right away, and had so much more mobility than my QRL's, which now feel very restrictive. Wish I made the switch sooner. Also, another little treat, which I will not be wearing on the ice, a USA 1960 Nike replica throwback jersey. All in all, makes turning 32 pretty good.
  2. So, it's been awhile since I have posted and I have had my pair of True Skates for about 7 months now and they have performed and fit quite well, but I do have a question that I was hoping I could get some help with. My current CCM custom insoles that I use in the skate are starting to wear out. I see that they have released a new version of the CCM custom insoles and I am interested in trying them out. If I purchase them, should I rebake the skates as well? I'm worried about messing up the current fit of the skates as I pretty pleased with them as they are.
  3. Lol, there should be no reason they need to do that. Maybe it's some superstitious thing they have done since they were kids because obviously the point of the skates is to be completely formed to your foot negating the need for all the ad hoc things we did in retail skates to get the best fit and performance.
  4. ***Unfortunately, while I type this post the Dallas Police Department is on the road to recovering from another incident where my fellow officers where shot and gravely wounded while in performance of their duties.*** For you MSH members that are local to Dallas / Fort Worth and want to spend a summer evening watching some hockey, the 2nd Annual Dallas Strong Hockey Game between the Dallas Police Department and Dallas Fire Department is quickly approaching. It will take place at Nytex Sports Center in North Richland Hills on July 8th at 4pm. Tickets can be purchased online now, throughhttps://dallaspolicehockey.com/dallas-strong-hockey-game and tickets will also be sold at the door. The beneficiaries for this game are a fellow Dallas Police Hockey teammate of mine, Paul Bradley, and another fellow Dallas Police officer Joey Arvizu. The two injured officers today will also likely be added to the beneficiary list in a little while. Please come out and support the First Responders of the City of Dallas, would really like to sell out and fill Nytex Sports Center up to the max. It is sure to be a good night for all and a fun night of the game we all love. Thank you.
  5. Has anyone here heard of or used a Bardownski hockey stick? Apparently the company contacted my hockey team on Facebook and offered to make custom hockey sticks for our players. They supposedly market their sticks as high end top of line sticks for half the price. I was just curious if anyone has any experience using their sticks and had good or bad opinions overall? I am inclined to stay with my Warrior sticks as they have not failed me yet but I do have some teammates that are interested. Thanks in advance.
  6. I was also in Pure hockey last week and saw that they are now equipped to do the True custom skate scan.
  7. Hockey monkey has a little more of a selection of product than Pure but has less knowledgeable employees working there. I did get my True scan done at Monkey, but only because they had the equipment first. Skates fit well, so they did a good job on the scan but other than that I won’t let them touch my skates. I get them sharpened at Pure and if I need anything else I usually get it while there. Will only go to Hockey Monkey if Pure doesn’t have what I need.
  8. I scored the first goal of my hockey "career" in an actual game this weekend during the Annual Guns & Hoses Tournament. I know it wasn't in a professional or collegiate setting, but to be honest, it was kind of a surreal experience and one I will never forget. I am glad it came while playing for the Dallas Police Department Hockey Team and am honored to continue to represent the fine men and women of the Dallas Police Department while playing the greatest sport. Glad that I dragged my wife out of bed at 5:45 in the morning so she could be there to see it in person. I know this isn't a picture of myself, but unfortunately I didn't have a sharpie at the rink to properly adorn the puck.
  9. Sniper, I completely understand your point and my last comment wasn't really about your previous comments. It was about the face palm I received by another. It is no big deal, I just thought is was funny. I will post some pictures later this evening when I get a chance, but I have to get some sleep. I work overnights and should have already been to bed hours ago. I was just waiting to see what kind of trades in the NHL were going down today. Thanks for the friendly discussion and advice.
  10. So, I might be more picky about things than most other people, but my thought is that I spend hard earned money on nice and expensive things that I would like to last for a good while. Simple fact of the matter is, on a high end skate that True is supposed to be, the outer liner material or whatever you want to call it, should not be wearing away after one game. If that doesn't bother other people than that's great, more power to them, I really do honestly hope they are happy with their skates. For me, I will be fine with it and enjoy the skates, as long as it doesn't get any worse. I do have concerns with the durability of the skate at this point in time, but I don't understand how that deserves a face palm. Anyway, I will stop talking about it as I have made my situation and concerns obviously known by now.
  11. The glue part between the tendon guard and the ankle pads in the picture might be residual, and if that is all it is than great, but there is definitely either material or paint on the liner that is worn away. As long as it doesn’t get worse I will live with it. It is disappointing though.
  12. Here are the pics. The entire lining is not separating from the boot, its is more so the outer layer of material of the liner that wore away. I did not use a shoe horn when getting them baked, but I had looked at the liner and inspected the rest of the skate, and everything looked ok. Keep in mind that this was the first time I whore this particular pair of skates, as I had them remade after my last issue with the carbon fiber, which they did not fully fix anyway. It looks better but there is still an issue with it. You would think that after having the skates sent back and remade they would have paid particular attention to the concern I had in the first place. I have pretty much gotten over that issue as it is only cosmetic and I would probably be fighting a losing battle but this new problem definitely concerns me, as I don't want it to get any worse.
  13. Well, I played in my first game with the skates tonight. When I pulled them off after the game some of the liner is already worn away, showing the light grey layer underneath and is possibly separating from the bottom of the tendon guard, as I can see some glue. I don’t know why I am having such bad luck with the skates but it is really starting to upset me. I almost wish I never bought them. I will post some pics later when I get back home.
  14. There are gel lace bite pads that could be put under the tongue of the skate but I never had any success with them, but you might. Lace bite can be very painful and debilitating so the volume of the skate is definitely one of the things you need to specifically pay attention to. Skates can be punched or stretched in other areas to combat some issues but there is not much you can do to add volume to a skate.
  15. I had began using Powerfoot inserts on my previous skates right before I switched over to the Trues and haven't had a chance to buy some new ones. I will probably have to order them though as they make a special model exclusively for use in True skates as the regular inserts are too thick.
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