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  1. Aight, I'll scratch that off the plans then. Thanks!
  2. Has anyone tried to purchase a set of skates in Canada and then have them shipped to the US in order to take advantage of the exchange rate? Is that possible or would they have to be shipped to the same store that you had your scan? I'm planning to go up to Ottawa over the weekend and I wanted to get a set of goalie skates.
  3. Most of the paint is on the toe cap, but you can tell that they very poorly masked the rest of the boot so there's some overspray on the side of the heel of the boot on the carbon area. Acetone was my first thought but I was wondering if it would have any effect on the finish or glue in and around the boot.
  4. Does anyone have any suggestions for removing poorly done spray paint on the toe of the boot and all around? I bought a used pair of goalie true skates and I'm wondering if there's a solution to remove the paint without damaging the rest of the boot. It's just a cosmetic issue and if I'm unable to find a good solution I won't bother, but it's an interesting problem none the less.
  5. I can't speak much to warrior pants. The only pro stock I've ever tried on were a pair of medium franchises and they fit way too large for me. Protection-wise, they seemed very solid. Everything in warrior that I've ever tried on ranging from pants to gloves to helmets has given me the impression that Warrior gear is definitely targeted toward big build people and since I fit "slim" for most things, nothing warrior works for me.
  6. HP30 and the HP35 are more or less the same pant. They are the same as the HP520 pant with upgrades. There's a few minor differences such as the +1 zipper or zipper on the legs that one or the other might not have but fit wise they are the same and fit like traditional pants and are medium on the weight scale. HP70 is very much a traditional pant and is a copy of the old Tackla 7000 / 9000 pants if you've ever tried those on. They fit like tanks, look like tanks, are as heavy as tanks. HP45 and HPUCLP are the CCM RBZ/UCLP equivalent pant. They are the lightest pants on the market and provide adequate protection as well as seemingly(I don't have proof but there are very few other models used for CCM) being the most popular model CCM pant used in the NHL. UCLP is the older version and are a two piece pant (uppers and lowers can be separated). HP45 is a one piece pant usually with the +1 extension. The lining material on both the pants is slightly different and the lower back protector is also different, but all both pants function roughly the same. Most pro stock enthusiasts that use CCM pants ride along with the trend and prefer the HP45/HPUCLP model over the HP35/30/70. The lightness of the pants with good protection(enough for NHL players to use) makes it the clear cut choice. Sizing for the HP45/HPUCLP gets wonky because both pants fit a little short and small. I'm assuming "36-37" is your pants waist size and not your actual waist measurement. So, a large sizing guideline is 34-36 and XL is 36-38. Based on the small fitting of the HP45 and your waist size, I would go for an XL. However, since you're also 5'9 (me too but my waist is 31 and I fit a medium HP45 snugly), the length of the pants maybe too long. I find that being 5'9'' myself, the medium HP45 is just perfect with the +1 extension so XL for you may be too long.
  7. Does anyone know how the sizing goes for the HPG12/HPG13/HPG14 line of pants goes? I believe Fit 1 is 30'' - 32'' waist and then each fit above is in 2'' increments. However, do the pants fit true to size? My only reference is player gear where I fit a medium HP45, good enough in a med 9k girdle, and snug in a small 9k girdle.
  8. Going up a size would cause my fingers to be too short to reach the tip of the fingers and also cause it to be more loose. I'm already on the slender side which is why I prefer the anatomical fit gloves so going up a size would make it much harder to fit gloves.
  9. The FT1/Quicklite line is definitely one of the lines that I'm interested in once I find a pro stock pair. However, I need to go try it on in store to see if it has the same problem as the APX2's. When I tried them on before, I never paid any attention to this specific problem, it's only now that I used the QRL's a few times on the ice that I noticed how annoying it was.
  10. Looking for some glove fit advice. Right now I use a pair of retail APX2s. My problem with them is that when I bend my index finger, my finger lands along the gusset or gusset/palm seam. You can see where my index finger and how it pushes against the gusset when bent in the pic below. I also own a pair of pro stock QRLs and a pair of 1S's where the QRL has the same problem but the 1S fixes the problem more or less. However, with the 1S, it is very broken in and doesn't contain poron liners which I think has made it fit too loose for me. So, given the situation, what should I do in terms of finding a glove that fits like my APX2's but is narrow enough that I don't have the finger problem. 1. Find a pair of 1S/MX3's with poron liners 2. Find a different pair of gloves that fit more narrow? I'm thinking quicklite or tacks or HG12? Or other suggestions? First photo are the APX2's, second photo is pro stock QRL, third photo is a pro stock 1S (From Chris Wideman if it makes any difference). https://photos.app.goo.gl/hUwyk5dpw8EEaYvj6 I'm tired of doing the carousel of trying to find a pair of gloves that I like so that's why I'm asking for some advice other than "buy and try all of them". I'm mostly interested in finding a pair of pro stock gloves so I'm not limited to retail offerings.
  11. A player cam would be cool but I think the logistics of having 12 different camera operators solely dedicated to specific players/positions on the ice is not viable for the production teams. There's no demand for people watching specific players and positions like nascar. That's why most productions only have player specific cameras when it comes to the big stars for each team, otherwise the rest of the footage is captured by the ice-level cameras and the main gameplay camera.
  12. Well, shipping should be way quicker for you so don't be too discouraged! Remember that the normal wait time would be a month or more. That's unfortunate but I'm still excited for them nonetheless!
  13. Mine were finished today: https://imgur.com/a/N622DSb Does anyone know if it's overnight shipping or standard? I was hoping to be able to skate on them for a game on Thursday.
  14. A note on turnaround time: I got my feet scanned last Thursday(10th), scans were submitted to True on Friday(11th), went into production on Tuesday (15th).
  15. To clarify, I'm looking for a boot that has even more space at the bottom of the arch so that I can flatten out my arch rather than having extra negative space in that spot but I do understand your point. I have tried shimming my foot by adding extra insole to the inside of my foot near the arch, both along the entire length of the boot and only in the heel area and have had no success with that as the pain was even worse. I have not attempted to move my holders inward as I'm hesitant to permanently effect my skates before trying out all other options. Additionally, I have consistently skated with the top eyelet empty for a year or so but I just recently tried lacing fully to the top and roughly half the pain has alleviated.I still feel the pain in the arch area with pressure pushing up toward my arch. I'm currently already skating in a pair of stiff skates (Nexus 8000, has curv) so I wonder if this revelation provides any insight to my problems.
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