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  1. I got a couple Vilardi CCM Pro Stocks. They are dressed as Super Tacks AS2 Pro the code reads: 3 HSMSMHSP Vilardi Gabe (A2S) Anyone know what the HSMSMHSP code is?
  2. Thanks for the tip, I'll look into that kit.
  3. I picked up an Oakley visor recently and on my other helmets with I used this hardwarehttp://www.canadiant...t-0836986p.htmlCant' seem to find it at any stores nowadays.Any recommendations on where to find em or what to use instead?
  4. They said different. I didn't really inspect in person that closely.
  5. I ordered mine with the True holders, but the guys at Pro Hockey said that True would send them pre drilled for Tuuks if I wanted.
  6. I'm in Canada base price for boot with their holders and steel is $999. I think without holders is 899. Pro Hockey Life was running a 15% off everything sale so I paid 980 with tax. The only option I added was color, I went with their holders and steel.
  7. I went about a week ago. You can: - Get stock white/black tongues or go with a thinner tongue - Can get a tongue with more impact protection (I think was $50) - Add color on the side either white, silver, red, or blue ($25) - Embroidery on the tongue 3 letters or numbers ($25) - Impact protection on the sides ($50) I think that was it, most of the additions ranged from $25-50 more, I was thinking about getting the shot blockers but decided against it. Can't wait to get mine.
  8. Just a heads up for anyone in the Winnipeg area, their new facility where they make the skates they don't sell them, there is a place right next door that sells brand new pro returns for around $450 CDN. They had about 20 pairs (a mix of the old and the new True) in stock. I think the only places locally to get them is Play it Again and Royal's.
  9. I've just seen pictures, I think the grand opening was last week, but apparently that's where all the skates are going to be made. I just wish I knew someone that worked there and could get me a discount lol. Van Horne was in the old office I worked at talking about marketing a few years ago, really nice guy, amazing how far they have come.
  10. I'm looking forward to being able to grab a pair one day soon. Anyone here from Winnipeg? They opened their new showroom here where the skates are made and you can get fitted.
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