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  1. Does anyone know what the True MC3 Curve is? I've heard it floating around but haven't seen one in person.
  2. Does anyone know what T4R means?
  3. Does anyone have a picture of the upgraded Met guard tongue? I've seen the T-guard but not this one.
  4. Have you tried the original Re-Akt in a large? I have found they fit on the bigger side and had a few guy who wear the 4500 in an XL try the Re-Akt in a large and loved the way it fit.
  5. What kind of special tweaks?
  6. Does anyone know how the holes of the new Shift holder line up compared to the regular true/VH holder? I haven't had a chance to do a swap yet.
  7. You can always try and have the skates stretched to gain some more width.
  8. Lace extender for lace bite
  9. I get the same length every time but it has put me in Nexus a few times and Supremes a few other. All done barefoot.
  10. What do you guys think of the 3D Skate Lab? Ive been scanned a few times and it gives me different readings.
  11. Thats the first place i went but i dont see the max blade version of the curve
  12. lol. I'm just waiting for it to be released on the intermediates.
  13. That is odd. We have them in both the A6.0HT and XC9, TC2 and TC4 max blade height.
  14. Yep, at retail. The shop i work at has them.
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