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  1. New holder in use too, nice to see
  2. Still no tacks helmet tests? WTF? Is CCM trying to hide the scores because they're bad?
  3. I love when people come into the store while raving about the VT findings. It just means I can hand them the re-akt 200 helmet and walk away, as they don't care about how it fits. Easiest sale ever!
  4. If volume is a concern, the Pro Carbons will probably be the best option. They're marketed as a performance version of superfeet (11% better acceleration), while the yellows are more geared to comfort. That being said, if you think that the extra couple mm of depth between the 2 will make a difference (which it sounds like it will) then go with Pro carbons. Heel lock should be the same between the Pro carbons and the regular yellows. The best part is with the 60 day comfort guarantee, if the pro carbons don't feel great after a decent amount of ice times, you can take them back and get a pair of yellows instead.
  5. It could be because the stock insole doesn't have wings anymore, which always made it tighter up front. Disregard if you had speedplates or superfeet in.
  6. Not to mention, people are less likely to report in that their skate is a-ok compared to when there are some issues to mention (minor or not)
  7. +1 man, this is a nightmare until the goalie stuff is launched lol
  8. The problem with this is that ESPN didn't run a giant fear mongering documentary with over the top headlines regarding the proper fit of helmets. They simply shouted that hockey helmets are unsafe. And realistically not many hockey parents will be actually reading the VT scientific article...
  9. We sold 2 Krown helmets today, both to parents who stopped by without their kids, who directly cited this report as the reason for changing helmets. Both times I tried to explain how proper fit works, and how one helmet is not the most protective for everyone. Both times, the parents shrugged off my recommendations and left with their new shiny helmet. This is the major issue with the study, everyone is so quick to term one helmet a champion, and people refuse to listen to the guys working in stores, that have been fitting helmets for many years. At this point, the damage is already done. No matter the methods (flawed or not) of the study, the media has ran with it and people are now in a shock and awe stage. Fucking frustrating that people dont want to listen anymore
  10. Which insole do you use? Don't forget the normal insoles in APX2 and MX3 have wings on the that take up extra space in the toe cap. This could be taking up more volume at the front compared to the new speed plate. However, someone who has seen or tried both could probably comment with more concrete info.
  11. Yes, because the "real screws" have never had any issues staying tight or maybe even falling out... Wonder what all the E-pro customers would say about that. I'm assuming you weren't referring to the LS2 holders as well, because those screws wouldn't make a difference when it comes to lateral play.
  12. That's cause its a DUAL LIE!!!1!11!!1!!!! Hahaha seriously though this is a lot of confusion from multiple sources. Maybe some official clarification would help
  13. I forgot Warrior invented tapered hockey sticks and quick release terminology...
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