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  1. I cant speak to the Flare or Massive Steel but I did have the same problem with the Tydan steel. It was very frustrating and I ended up switching to Black Steel Step Steel which is way superior to the Tydan Steel.
  2. There are two scenarios that I can think of, one you have covered (bent blade) the other is that the steel is not true and giving a bad reading on the edge checker. What type of steel are you sharpening?
  3. When changing hollows I usually use the black marker technique, when the marker is all gone, give it a couple more passes to be safe. Usually 4 to 6 passes will do it
  4. I don't believe that will mess anything up. I move the alignment wheel a few clicks if I need to fine tune the alignment to get the edges level. I think all your alignment mode does is puts the machine into a mode to move the carriage to a position to be able to use the alignment tool.
  5. For me, I wouldn't sharpen without an edge checker especially if you are changing discs to sharpen other blades (maybe one kid likes 1/2in and the other 3/8). I have found that there can be up to 6 clicks of alignment adjustment needed between discs. I am pretty picky when it comes to the edges being level thou. I like the Sparx Edge checker, I have had others but they wore a little grove in the aluminium where the blade touchs and it throws out the reading. The Sparx edge checker has a little piece of stainless steel that contacts the blade and doesn't wear. As for your alignment issue, I have only aligned mine once in two years (and I travel with the sharpener), I always go by the edge checker to move the disc if required.
  6. In my experience the alignment process is just going to get you close, once you are close, use your edge checker and move the disc a few clicks one way or the other to get the level edge.
  7. I did a quick measure of my case from Sparx and it's outside measurements are 32in by 21in by 12 in high. I looked at alternate ways of doing the case and felt the one from Sparx was comparable in price to anything I could do of similar quality on my own. Plus I didn't want to mess around trying to get the foam to fit properly. I must say that the quality of the case and the way the foam fits is very good.
  8. What type of blades are you edge checking? I have had problems with different types of blades as the blade edges aren’t on a 90degree angle to the running surface. My LS4 blades I check with the toe facing me, the Tydan blades I have to have the heel facing me.
  9. I have had issues with alignment between discs of the same profile and with different profiles. For example when I switch from a 3/8 fire ring to a 3/8 traditional I have to adjust the alignment 10clicks. I have also had to adjust the alignment when I use up a disc and switch to a new one of the same profile.
  10. Try the 1/2inch fire if you need a bit more bite, last year when it was -40C and the ice was hard as a rock I switched my guy to 3/8 fire and he loved it, he hasn't switched back even through the spring and summer skating.
  11. I just rechecked the skate weights without the steel and the True’s are 795g and the Vapor 1x’s are 630 so that’s a difference of 165g per Skate, not 365 like previously stated. Agree, ship times could be longer but I was referring to my experience..
  12. I purchased the True Custom Skate for my son nearly a year ago and he loves them. They are a bit heavier (365g) per Skate but he said the extra weight is worth it for the comfort. Skates arrived within two weeks of ordering.
  13. Yes both pair had Tuuk runners, I didn’t have the steel in when I weighed them as I was able to use the same size steel steel in the True Skate.. 165 g is approx 1/3 of a pound but the comfort is worth the added weight.
  14. I am heading to Richmond BC from Sask on Easter Weekend for a camp and I would prefer not to pack my Sparx for the flight. Hoping to find somebody nearby with a Sparx Machine that I could use. I would bring discs etc just need a machine. I have four sets of steel so may make it thru the weekend but can’t be certain. Any help would be appreciated.
  15. I weighed the skates and the difference between the Trues and the Bauer Vapor 1x’s was 165 grams. The Trues were slightly heavier.
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