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  1. Can you elaborate on this a little more? What was different? I’ve had mine for a few years.
  2. This is great news. I have the O1 and was wondering if you can use the R1 for both training outdoors and games? Of course changing the wheels between the two activities. Or would it be more beneficial to use them individually?
  3. Thanks Vet88 I’ll see if my petite wife would help stand on it..lol :) Would your method work better than True’s with using a ratcheting clamp?
  4. Hey Guys need to get insight on the issue i'm having on my "new" 2s Pros. After skating about a dozen times I don't get as tight/snug fit on my right skate as I do on my left. I need to re-tighten it most of the time after a few minutes of skating. Even after that it still feels loose. I've tried different methods to remedy this (heating certain areas of the boot and then tightening the laces or using the clamp method ala TRUE) but it still feels loose. I'm coming to think that these methods should work but because of a navicular bone I have on the inside of my foot and another one just above on the top of my foot it is preventing the boot to form tightly around my whole foot (not an issue with my left foot) causing some negative space to remain. As a whole, the skate/boot is snug but not as snug as I would like it to be like my left skate. I was thinking of adding some thin silicone or foam padding to the areas of my right foot and then put on my sock to alleviate some of the negative space (good/bad idea)?? Any other suggestions?? tia
  5. So I've had just over a handful of skates in the 2s Pros and have tweeked the right boot (my problem right foot, navicular bone) a few times but I still feel like I'm not getting a solid heel lock. It doesn't slip or anything but it just doesn't feel supported and feels a bit loose. I'm not sure if I have a slightly narrower heel/ankle but I'm going to try on a stable 26 sock I have to see if that works. If not I really want to see if there is a difference with the speed plate 2.0 (currently have superfeet carbon). To just see if there is a difference would I need to rebake the skates or can I get away with not doing that?
  6. tcc


    Is there an “easy” way to correct pronation? My right foot does it slightly.
  7. But is there anything someone with no specific tool(s) can do in that particular spot of the boot? I was able to correct the navicular bone on one foot using a heat gun and the True tissue method
  8. Is there a way to punch out the part of the boot where the toe cap and boot meet for the pinkie toe? Something like the tissue method that True suggests for other parts of the foot.
  9. Ok thanks. They're the new 2s Pros.
  10. Thanks Scott. I do have a heat gun that I use when doing electrical and electronic work. Do I just heat the outside or inside and out at the specific spot?
  11. Had my first skate yesterday on the 2s pros and boy are they amazing. Super light compared to the 190 and more support. I almost fell when I stepped onto the ice which I attribute to either a bad or stock profile (I told the rep the specs of my previous profile and who knows if it’s correct). I had to really lean forward to counteract the feel of being on my heals and falling backwards. And it’s true what the reviews say to go down a hollow. I normally get 5/8 and I nearly launched my self trying to stop cuz of so much bite. I had to ease up a bit when stopping. Doing tight cuts and turns was something I couldn’t do previously but now it’s no problem. Not sure if it’s cuz of the sharp blades or the better support or both. Due to a navicular bone on my right foot I found it starting to hurt about half way through the game and I little bit of pain on the side of my pinkie toe. Is there a way for me address this at home rather than going back to the store? Heat gun/hair dryer on that particular spot inside and outside of the boot using the True tissue method?
  12. Thanks mojo that info was never explained to me while trying on the skates. The sales rep even said my left foot was slightly longer than my right and sized me according to the smaller foot. I wonder why the rep never offered that option? That 0.25 might make a world of difference cuz as it stands now my left foot touches the front of the toe box but my right one skims it when in the proper stance. Would skate shops take back the brand new unused skate but sharpened blade in return to going custom? Or am I SOL?
  13. Too bad they don't have one here
  14. Would the pencil test help me in determining if the SF is good or not visually cuz when I tried the skates on pre and post bake it felt fine. But visually I don't know. Or are there other ways to determine this?
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