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  1. What's considered a "fast bake"?
  2. I guess I would have to do a re-bake if I were to switch footbeds???
  3. I've had my right skate velcro on the tongue not sticking within 6 months. Went to the local fabric store and picked up heavy duty ones and sewed over the existing one and it's been rock solid since. The left skate still holds with the stock velcro.......... for now 👍
  4. I've had my custom SVH skates for just over a year now and this being my first custom one piece skate I have nothing to compare to (used Bauer Supremes my whole life) in terms of footbeds. So I have no issues. I actually like it. Is there another footbed available to use to feel more connected as a one piece skate should feel like??
  5. So after almost 2 months of getting my skates one of my tongues is not "sticking" to the velcro tab on the boot. When I pull out or push in the tongue into the boot it becomes detached. So frustrating 😡 @Sniper9did you remove the old velcro from the tongue before sewing on the new one? Did you use a regular sized sewing needle? tia
  6. Thanks for the link. Although I do put the skates on sideways and have also tweeked that part of the boot with a heat gun, it still hurts a bit. Albeit it's better than it was b4. 👍
  7. I hope I don't have the same problems. I've done a handful of skating and although it feels great the forefoot area seems roomy compared to what I was used to on my 2sPros where my feet were touching/a little curled at the cap and everywhere else was tight fitting. I think I have a medium volume foot as I've always wore Supreme skates but really not sure. But I do remember when I bought my 2sPros a few years back that the sales person measured me and said I could fit into Vapours but I wanted the 2sPros 😄 @Vet88 I think you might be right that they are possibly a 1/2 size too big. I just didn't "feel" it until I started skating. I'm going to go into the shop sometime this week and voice my concerns and see what they say or do. Just curious, is the shrink wrap only done on the heel/ankle/top boot part or should the shop also do the forefoot?
  8. Thanks @Vet88 for replying. I tried the skates on again today and I think I'm pretty good. With my heels firmly at the back of the boots and laced up I can just barely touch the toe caps. I must've been doing something differently before 🤷‍♂️. The boots wrap perfect all around except that one area that I mentioned above. I had to tweek it a bit so it doesn't hurt my foot going in/out of the skate. For comparison I put on my 2sPros and boy is there a difference. My toes are a bit curled when inside but straighten a bit when I start forward flexing. It was never uncomfortable when skating but comparing it to the Trues these are way more comfortable. I'll see how it goes when I skate with them tonight.
  9. I thought it would be better to have the whole setup as it should before I did anything 🙂 So the holders were mounted and I was able able to get heat molded. Everything was great at the store and the skates felt so comfortable. My toes felt "roomy" and wasn't touching the toe cap like I'm used to on my 2sPros. At home after I read your comment @Vet88 I did the pencil test. Although I didn't have a HB pencil I had something close that was around 7-7.5mm in thickness and it just barely fit behind my heel with my toes just feathering the toe cap. So I think I'm good. I'm just quite surprised with the difference in holder size (280 true and 263 bauer). The skates wrap so well that getting in to and out of them are hurting my feet. I have slight pain/bruising on the tops (see pic, not my feet 🙂 ) Other than that I'm so far liking the skates. I get to test them out Friday 👏 @FR0GGY33 how is your situation panning out??
  10. Hi everyone, So I got a call from my LHS that my custom skates were ready. I had ordered the holders unmounted as I wanted to put tuuk lightspeed edge holders on and assumed it would be the same size as my current 2sPro skates (263, 7.5D). Went there this morning and they showed me that the holders are different (says 280 on the shift max holders). I questioned why were they so much bigger than my current skate size and they said you can't compare sizing from Bauer and True. So my question is...is this true? I'm kind of worried that the boot may be too big, as I've read some posts on here, and True may have screwed up. I didn't try them on/bake/mold them yet as I'm sticking with the shift max holders/steel and the store still needs to mount them. tia
  11. Great and informative video. Looking forward to the cat pro video. 👍
  12. Another quick question...I tend to pronate a bit on my right foot. Should I have mentioned this during the scan/ordering process or does this get looked at after the skates have been made? I opted for the holders to be unmounted as I might be going the LS edge holders route.
  13. Ok. Thought it was some sort of "mistake" 🙂 This is the video I was referring to https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bI8aac7gQfg&t=228s (@ 3:36)
  14. Hi everyone. I just got scanned for new svh custom skates and was curious if I'm supposed to get an email from True about my order? Saw on a video, albeit it was 3yrs ago, that the guy got an email shortly after. tia
  15. Like you, I've always worn Bauer (Supreme) skates. Thinking about switching to True custom. Was it worth the switch?
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