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  1. LOL - goalie skates are a whole new experience in skating, especially if you have been in player skates all your life. The flat(ter) blade makes for a very different feel when turning. Try hitting up a couple of public skates before your first game if you can - you'll get a better feel for what works with respect to mobility and will allow you to tune in the skate for things like how tight to lace and if there are any comfort issues. All good things to figure out before fully suiting up. Keep in touch on how the game goes!
  2. Hi all: I play in net for two fairly different groups: one is decent caliber and fairly consistent skill set, the other tends to be a broad spectrum with dangle-kings at one end and tripods at the other (these are both shinny type sessions). For the former we tend to have about a 5 -10 minute warmup, while the latter it can be up to 15 minutes. I stop pucks for the entire warmup, regardless of how long it is, which got me thinking – do you have an ideal warmup duration? I know some here in league play only have a few minutes for warmup, so I am wondering, if you had your ideal warmup time, how long would it be? Also if you had in excess of your ideal time, would you stay in, go and stretch or work on stuff in the corner or just BS with the guys at the bench? My current thinking is I am spending too much time in the actual warmup when it stretches out beyond about 10 minutes. Interested to hear our opinions and reasoning, Thx A
  3. Don't know which was better, the win or the ejection - congrats! Chris, I think you were on a "weight reduction plan" a while ago. Don't know if it was that or some other influences, but your moves seem so much more fluid of late - keep up the great work!
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