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  1. Thanks @krisdrum for your insight, but I am in Canada, and it's the reason why I'm considering the Sparx at the moment.
  2. It's all in my head I know, but I bring two of the same spec sticks, and swap them if I'm not playing well. Strangely works.
  3. COVID has made the sharpener closest to me close down, and the only other guy that I trust is 45 mins away without traffic. I think I'm ready to take the plunge. Any quick tips or Discount code available? As extras I'm thinking of getting the cover, the edge checker and the Goalie Blade holder (would this work on normal blades too? As I am usually a player and play goalie only on occasion).
  4. It's neat to me because if your visor gets scratched, you just have to replace the visor, not the whole setup. It would have been cool if you could put it on/remove it without too much fiddling, that way someone could wear one for playing and then remove it for coaching/skating/practice, and also if it wasn't so hideous but I guess that part can't be helped.
  5. Even if I weren't a die hard Habs fan, I wouldn't want the Bolts to win due to that Cap shenanigans. They're a good enough team to win it all without it.
  6. So at least a few of the Pros and semi-Pros that I play with get "oversize" holders on their skates. Not sure of the real advantages, but I figure it's mostly about stability and speed.
  7. The Avs are using your machine I think. I was curious about Cale Makar's edge work and ran into a rabbit hole on it and found this recently.
  8. I'm not sure exactly where I've heard this but when I read into the situation with Carey Price and his goalie coach drama, some high level goalie coaches were trying to suggest to their goalies to adopt a Depth first/aggressive style because of how the shooters are now working on changing the angle of their shot on the fly (drag-pull wristers). But that seems to have had a negative effect for goalies like Carey Price, whose new coach is now suggesting a squareness/angle first approach. Unless of course the situation calls for it.
  9. It should be fine, but I would drill a tiny hole if you can reach the end of that crack to alleviate/stop the propagation, and then also maybe a dab of plastic weld or epoxy. Something like
  10. The main issue with this thread is that @Deker asked a valid question but with a foregone conclusion. Then he basically entered the argument in bad faith. In no way was this ever a discussion, more just that he wanted validation of his opinion/stance. I see this all the time now because it's so easy to find something on the internet that loosely supports their argument.
  11. Took a long while, but needed all the snow to melt to access my shed, it's yours for free if you want just pay for shipping. I could even cut it in half if you want pictures of the inside to inspect in the name of science. https://imgur.com/a/XszoB62
  12. I've not used too many different knee pads so take this recommendation with a grain of salt, but I got lucky and I was able to get my hands on a set of PAWs used. They are extremely comfy and protective.
  13. Looks like it's in the shed and unaccessible right now due to all the snow =(
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