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  1. Having recently got my TRUEs fitted properly, they feel initially a bit tight on the sides with the toes touching the front. Then as it moulds your ankle gets pushed back a bit, and everything kinda relaxes a bit. My feet were still a little uncomfortable until I got my first skate in. I don't believe the skate that fits well will break in and then be too big, as skates break in they usually form more to your feet to my knowledge.
  2. Just a quick update. These are fantastic, and I'm so happy with them. I feel a bit of pressure on the navicular where normally I would feel pain in other boots. But I am told that this will work itself out. One thing that I've not seen in any reviews about the TF9 goalie skates is the back piece where there's a cutout for your achilles, and is covered by a stretchy neoprene allowing for more ankle flex during your backwards C-cut and angled pushes. Also about the backside, I have read about needing to protect it, so I will try to put something clear on it. The stock profile is really good and I was able to get used to them immediately. I may get another steel but not sure at the moment.
  3. I got my skates today and I'm pretty happy about the fit so far, I can't wait to get a skate in. Because I feel that you can't get a good tell until you put it under pressure and skate in it. It feels much lighter than my Bauers, and the ankle wrap is unreal. I got the Genetix insole, and they do feel comfier which is mostly what I care about.
  4. Great vid. I am so jealous haha. I've always loved CCM's protective line. I wonder how their elbows are as I've never had an elbow pad that I liked. Either too bulky and most are uncomfortable and get in the way because they don't stay in place.
  5. I think can answer this one, I believe the patent is about due on their older holder so it's not worth fighting them anymore, and probably why the new Holder was developed in the first place as a way to have a patent on their latest offering. If they made steel for the new holder then Bauer could go after them.
  6. I've been away from this forum a long time, I've made the switch to being goalie most of the time now since just after Covid restrictions were lifted. It's been good for the most part and I'm getting the hang of it, but this year's been a bit tough, I had to take some time off with a minor concussion, a thrown back, and finally more time off due to Covid. I'm finding the fun again, and was asked to play in a Tourney next month so hopefully that will go well.
  7. Gonna see if I can try a demo pair
  8. As a House league coach myself, the biggest win is if they have fun and want to come back next year. IP to U9 it's just about getting out there. U11 is where I start to teach them teamplay and responsibilities. U13 is where I would like to teach them good competitiveness and being a good teammate.
  9. I will probably keep the Shift Attack holder on the TF9s, not sure what aftermarket I would go for if I do. I like the idea of the offset 4mm blades, but I'm also curious about BladeTech.
  10. Yes, so that puts my mind at ease too. But I trust Joe from B-Sharp with all skate related stuff.
  11. Have any goalies tried this? I am more and more curious about them.
  12. Maybe it's because I used to get free CCM sticks, but I love them and I've tried others but can't get used to them. They also tend to last longer for me but that could just be me. In terms of protective gear, I love the CCM lines although for goalie gear it's Bauer/Vaughn all the way for me. As for skates, it's not that I like TRUE skates, it's more of a necessity at this point.
  13. So I've been loving my Custom True player skates, but I need a goalie pair so I wanted to see if the TF9s would do. I have a bad navicular bone issue with a collapsing arch which makes the navicular issue even worse (this is why I went Custom in the first place). So I went to prob the best skate fitter in the Ottawa area (everyone knows the place, IYKYK) and he was pretty confident that he could resolve the issue with a stock TF9, so we will see once his stock comes in. I'll report back if we are successful or not. In terms of sizing though, I am a size 9 in most skates, and we ordered a size 9 in the TF9 so maybe they line up closer than some have said? He was able to pull up the original scan that my customs were done for, and he confirmed my sizing there too, built out from a 8.5 last and sized up to a 9.
  14. My TRUE Customs are the only reason that I can skate a much as I do without pain, I've said it before and I will say it again because the comfort really transformed my game and how much I can play/coach. It honestly is the best equipment that I own. I've tried top of the line CCM and Bauer before and also dipped my toes into Grafs, Bauer was the only one that came close (and at the time I used to get a HUGE discount with CCM so I really tried to make CCM work). From what I understand TRUE takes a last and adds material to shape to your feet.
  15. Man, you used to be able to buy them in bulk, like 20 at a time
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