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  1. I love my True skates so much that I'm saving up now for a backup set next year.
  2. Sometimes we get prospect players from universities around the area to run the drills for the kids that I help coach, it might be a mandatory thing that they must do for their classes. One of them was showing his favourite deke at a medium pace, and it caught me off guard and flat footed. I wasn't even part of the drill and he caught me.
  3. I have not, but I have seen it done. He had used a type of soft closed cell foam to reduce the volume in his glove. If I were to do it, I'd enclose it in a fabric of sorts and attach it with a velcro so I can wash it from time to time. Closed cell would be important to inhibit bacterial growth. EDIT: I've just asked him, and he used https://www.sportwheels.ca/nash-helmet-foam-kit.html but has since gave up on the gloves and just got a new pair. He tried to glue it but wasn't successful. I would have tried this glue https://www.thistothat.com/cgi-bin/glue.cgi?lang=en&this=Fabric&that=Rubber if I were him.
  4. That sounds amazing, did you flip a puck to the stands after warmups?
  5. He was exciting to watch as a Habs fan, especially during a terrible season. He was slowing down near the end, but if you can manage his workload I think he can be effective once and if the season resumes.
  6. And Ottawa's also closed its rinks https://ottawa.ctvnews.ca/city-of-ottawa-closing-all-municipal-facilities-for-three-weeks-due-to-covid-19-1.4852171?
  7. All of the rinks in Montreal are closed as of today I believe.
  8. My first game on Monday may be pushed back due to the Coronavirus. But otherwise, I had another test skate on 3/4" and it felt much better, although I'm now wondering how all that gear weight might affect me. I also did test fitted wearing everything again a few times, and found a good sequence, where I put on my skates before my pants (I had trouble putting on skates with those enormous pants on), but also I fixed how big the pants felt on me by sort of tucking in my C/A and looping through the loop, my pants are now up higher and there's no interference with the leg pads. I guess I'm a tucker. P.S. It's normal to sweat from just putting on the gear right? I think I will bring three water bottles, one with ice water, one with gatorade, and one water for after on the ride home.
  9. I've always advocated for SIDAS footbeds, there's no guesswork involved.
  10. As in titanium? Assuming it is, how would that affect sharpening it? Could it cause more wear on the stones? I guess it'd be just a coating like the Step/Tydan stuff. I'm not much of a Bauer skates fan, but that tendon guard looks really cool.
  11. Update I have all the gear now, I've got a deal on a CCM Composite. I went with a 25" based on how it felt when I was in a butterfly (I wish they had a 25.5", or maybe I will go 26" in a different brand the next time). I went with a Bauer Supreme line of skates, and even though it was the best fitting skate they still killed my feet a test skate. I've placed in a SIDAS footbed and it seems to have alleviated the pain while standing up (we will see if the pain returns during a skate). Another test skating tonight during warmups with the new hollow to see (my sharpener was a bit worried that I am going too shallow with a 3/4", but it's what I skate on normally so I think I will be ok). I have my first pickup game next week, my buddy who's a goalie is coming out to play on the opposite side to see. I'm both excited and nervous, first time a long while.
  12. This is what happened to my friend with his mid-level Bauers, his steel kept on snapping near the same spot. We thought it was the steel quality (esp. due to the Bauer steel reputation at the time), but turns out his holders were damaged/misaligned somehow and causing a stress point, and so any little impact would cause it to fail.
  13. As a trainer, even if you can't skate well at your kid's age, we still need guys to pass the puck during drills, be a presence to keep the kids present and engaged. Kids do well when their parents are involved in any capacity, even if it's being the jersey guy, or the guy that helps the goalies get dressed, whatever it may be. Take the course on being a trainer/first aid in case of an accident, be the guy that carries the water bottles for the kids to the benches. You're on the right mindset in wanting to help, this is a great start.
  14. My dad had stents put in a few years back, I was more worried than he was about the procedure hah. He's totally back to his old self now, golfing all the time.
  15. Looks aside, if TF7/TF9s are at a cheaper price point and fits less radical feet, then sign me up for another pair.
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