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  1. Will Stamkos make an appearance?
  2. I didn't want this series too closely, but of the times that I watched it seemed like a closer matchup than the results showed.
  3. TB is just too much, and they are really gelling right now. I really wanted the Isles to get it going.
  4. They're still uncommon/rare, I still get asked about them in older pick up groups in Ottawa.
  5. I've heard nothing but great things about the CCM FT3 Pro across various ages and levels. Seems like they really got everything right with the stick.
  6. I'll second a recommendation for Joe at BSharp. He's fixed my Trues before to perfection. A stand up guy to boot. I wrote about his work here https://modsquadhockey.com/forums/topic/71678-vh-footweartrue-by-scott-van-horne/?do=findComment&comment=1099320
  7. So the group that I play with has slowly started a month ago with precautions. Got word last week that someone might have been exposed so everyone needs to get tested. So I guess I'll delay the comeback a bit.
  8. D3O sells in sheets, that could be interesting, as well as you can get some nice foam (dual density) from https://www.resilientgoalie.com/foam and http://www.protectiveathleticwear.com/materials.htm
  9. ROFL when someone says this, but three other people loses their jobs. What's next for the Pens?
  10. Yeah, I think this is why you can't go full moneyball for Hockey (looking at you Dubas), and I think Carter Hart for example is going to be the next Price, good to decent numbers belying just how good he is for big games.
  11. I agree with the general sentiments here, they needed to spread the talent a bit, then bring it together for dire moments when you pull the goalie. Seems like they relied just on individual numbers and didn't account for how well the players gel together. In contrast to Andersen, people say Price is overrated judging by stats, but he always shows up for big games (even though the rest of the team doesn't).
  12. I guess what you could do is to dial in what you want using the multiple layers with an old pair of skates that have the same pitch, but then replace it with one single one afterwards on your good skates (but that's a lot of riveting).
  13. I got a similar response from my skate guy. I asked about how I could ensure getting a good fit into the TF7/TF9s and he said he can pull up my previous scans and if it doesn't fit then "he's not doing his job properly". But he also said that the regular measuring methods would be good enough as they are "hella mouldable".
  14. I've been seeing that this is considered an RVHFAIL. Seems like a more recent recant of the technique is that when the shooter is further out than the hash marks, you should be coming out of it. Also, when I searched for "Murray RVH goal" it's not even the first time he's been had https://www.pensburgh.com/2016/6/5/11863304/penguins-sharks-stanley-cup-finals-series-game-3-goal-donskoi
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