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  1. That's to be expected. A top of the line Bauer skate should last years. At 260 lbs and a very good skaters I really lean into my 1X's and they were just broken in at 1 1/2 years. If he's not complaining don't worry about it. Cheers
  2. This post is not so much for "Machine" as it is for anyone else with this problem. Hunting for skates with weird feet is very annoying and after 3 years of trying different things I've finally figured out what works. Well I wrote a long very detailed explanation on what works and what doesn't for a narrow heel with a relatively wide forefoot and It got screwed up so here's the condensed version. To add, I have a high arch as well and will talk about that later. First off Ideally you want to go with a narrow heel skate to begin with. For me the Vapor 1X 1st edition worked well. There's the Tacks but for me at least, I found the Vapor to offer more width in the toe. As for the Vapor line the 1X has a wider toe box than any of the other vapors ( important because you can't punch that area out) for that year while keeping with a skate that will work with your heel once the heel is manipulated . The trick here is to have your LHS heat the skate and squeeze the heel to bring it in. Once it's in it should grab your heel much more as it did mine. If your mid foot is wider than mine (mine is wider than average but not super wide )you might end up having hot spots but those areas can be punched out. You can also look for Thinnies skate sock online to help with giving you some more room or you could go sockless if that works for you. Also, if you have a high arch like I do you can try different lacing techniques to avoid lacing over the effected areas. Also adding tongue pads will further help keep your foot from lifting helping with heel lock. Make sure to position them so they match up with the crook of your ankle. The main takeaway here though should be that the heel can be manipulated with heat so if you have a high volume mid and forefoot maybe a Supreme might be worth looking at. Hope this helps!
  3. Old thread, I know, but I think I might have something of interest to add so here goes. Today while trying on skates after failing time after time to find the right profile for my foot I stumbled upon the solution and not even the guy who was selling me the skates had thought of it. I bought a pair of 2014 Tacks D and they were too big all around (ordered them online from sportchek after trying on the current model only to find out in 2015 they switched to a more anatomical fit) , then 2016 Tacks D and they lifted in the heel as well and also pinched my big toe on the side" OUCH !". Then I tried Supremes and they were fine in the heel but same big toe pinching problem so I asked for a Supreme EE and they were okay in the toe but too wide throughout otherwise. Given that the scanner said the correct skate for me was the Supreme (Bauer scanner) I and the sales guy were confused. So, I thought what about the Vapors? Being that we seemed to be at an impass the sales guy went and found a pair of EE's in my size while politely not pointing out the scanners selection for me and it was like night and day. Even with Superfeet pushing my heel up I have a verygood heel lock and the skate was snug but not crushing throughout including the toe box, so no more big toe squish. Also, with the Superfeet pulling my foot back in the skate I ended up in a 9 instead of the 9.5 that the measuring thing suggested. So anyone out the that's finding the Supreme skate good other than the toe box this may be the answer.
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