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    Vapor X800
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    Sher-Wood T90
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    STX RX3
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    Easton S13
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    CCM JetSpeed FT390
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    STX RX3
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    STX RX3
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    STX RX3

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  1. Funny you should mention that. Last time I was in the market (8 years ago?) I decided the original T90 sticks were great for the money and I bought a couple. They have been absolute tanks. Sadly, the heels are cracking after a few seasons (and many years sitting in a garage). That's why I'm here looking for suggestions.
  2. Thanks for the suggestion on the True A4.5. I'm really not familiar with any of their product line. I don't think True was even a thing when I was last playing regularly. 😉
  3. You're kind of confirming what I've been seeing. Just getting back in to the sport at 40 years old I don't need the latest and greatest, but think I should be able to find a dang good stick for <$175. I got the impression the Rekker 365 was prone to breakage. It's weird to me that they are already on clearance. The "Project" sticks look like a solid (and durable) buy for a rec leaguer. Thoughts on the RX3? The only thing that's holding me back from liking it is the weird shape of the grip. Is it a positive in your mind?
  4. Bauer, CCM, and Warrior don't compete on price due to brand recognition, sponsored players, etc. Their top end sticks are $300 and that's that. In your opinion, which manufacturers consistently offer the most technology, latest construction techniques, and lightest sticks for the lowest MAP prices? Sher-Wood seems to offer 99% of the performance at half the cost. STX maybe? One of the "generic" offerings like All Black or No Name? (I understand there are occasional deals to be had on sideline swap and through pro stock sites...that's not my question.)
  5. Custom orthotics could provide a depression for the fibroma to fit in to which would relieve the pressure. It sounds like you need to schedule an appointment with a podiatrist to see what's going on.
  6. Any chance you've got an accessory navicular bone? It's basically an extra bump on the side of the foot most people don't have. They're painful and make for difficult boot fitting. https://www.foothealthfacts.org/conditions/accessory-navicular-syndrome-(1) Regardless, with flat feet you typically want to add some sort of rigid support in the form of a custom orthodic or SuperFeet. Giving your foot a more natural shape will narrow it and lift your arch to a point where you're not slamming in to the side of your boot or shoe. DON'T add things like Dr. Scholls gel/foam insoles. People with flat feet typically have a foot that's too flexible as it is and those types insoles (while they feel good at first) tend to do more harm than good over time. I'm the king of bad feet so I understand how much it sucks. I've had three surgeries to move my heels, remove extra bones, and straighten my forefoot.
  7. That's odd. Most skates don't have any arch support built in. Is it the side or the bottom of your foot that hurts?
  8. I was surprised when you said they had them. I just looked...they're down to one set of one size in the black steel. Will be interesting to see if they get more.
  9. Cheaper on eBay even with shipping from Canada. 😉
  10. I recently switched leagues just due to cost. In my first game at the new place we won 7-1. It was a total ass beating. Next morning I check the website and it says we lost 5-6 in OT with no individual stats posted at all. Eventually they "fixed" it to say we won 7-1 in OT...still no individual stats entered a week later. LOL. I started driving a little further to this place because they offer a monthly subscription instead of giant up front league fees. At the end of the day I'm paying about 1/3 the price for leagues, but obviously you get what you pay for. I keep telling myself that getting credit isn't important. I'm there for the love of the game and cheap pricing. 😀
  11. What parts are you taping? Just the attachment points or all along the top of the blade?
  12. I purchased some x800 skates a couple months back and upgraded to Step Blacksteel. They squeak when I'm walking from the locker room to the rink. I really don't notice any movement or noise when I'm skating. Once they're cold (or wet) I don't notice any noise on the way back to the locker room. It's the weirdest thing ever. Normal?
  13. What's your issue with the collarbone fit? I find it comes up a bit high around my neck, but hoping it will loosen up a bit with use. Elbows, shins, and gloves have been great for me. The pants are the only thing I returned and that's basically personal preference as I just didn't need that level of protection up around my kidney's and back.
  14. Yes, it's gone. Last year they had a huge "end of season" sale in March/April I believe. Wait for a bit and it should pay off.
  15. We're the same size and you're thinking about smalls? I don't think there's a chance my ass would fit in smalls. Oddly enough, the guy in the pro shop I frequent tried to convince me I needed a large. I told him he was crazy. He muttered something about playing for 45 years and wandered off.
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